Da Boss and his Bunka

It’s been a long time since I posted anything but recently I got around to pretty much finishing these 2 models for a tournament later this February.

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Combat Card Flashback

So I got another one of my old school Slaaneshi champions painted up and he too has a combat card just like Gerda von Evilstein and here he is.  I think I have one more to do before I need to start scouring EBay for the ones I don’t have.


Sathash the Proud

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A really nice Chap

So my quest to get the Flesh Tearers out of my house and onto a battlefield somewhere in England continues (albeit slowly) with the addition of a Chaplain in Terminator armour to my brothers rescued minis.

I haven’t had any chance to get a good pic of him but he is done and my Survivor Series challenge remains unbroken!


Terminator Chaplain Front


Terminator Chaplain Crozius


Terminator Champion Storm Bolter

I am taking  everything I’ve done so far to Blighty to drop off and then I will be allowed to work on my own models for 1 month before my brothers birthday in July where I will do him some more (probably finish off the 2nd Termie Librarian and maybe a 5 man squad of Death Company or a 10 man Assault Squad).



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1st Company Reporting in!

So I quit FaceBook at the start of the month and just  about the only thing I miss is the survivor series paint group I was in which gave me the kick up the arse to get stuff done and sometimes get feedback on it.

Well, gotta do it myself now and my mission to resurrect my brothers Flesh Tearers is nearing the first drop off as I fly back to Blighty soon to hand them over.

So, what did I do this month?  I decided that as my brother clearly loves Terminators (as evidenced by the bucket of them he left me) I should crank out the lions share of what was left.  Namely 2 x 5 man squads and a couple of characters.  The Characters will have to wait but the Assault Termies and the Cyclone Squad are done.

BEHOLD!  Tabletop standard!


Cyclone Missile Squad


Assault Squad

All in all I am happy with the way his army is shaping up and next month I aim to smash out an Apothecary or two, time forgiving.  I return to the motherland and time is short.

I will get some better pictures when I have decent sun again.  These pics were taken to get in before midnight.

Still, my own personal Survivor Series is still going.  This makes me unbroken since we began about 2 years ago.  Booyah!

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Flesh Tearers – the army so far.

I thought I’d grab a group shot of everything I’d done so far so I could see the strike force taking shape.

Not looking too bad for rescue models I don’t reckon!


I have until the end of may to get as much done as possible before the hand off.

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Vanguarding The Emperor

So my rescue of my brothers Flesh Tearers continues.

This month I managed to bang out 5 Vanguard Vets

4VVets 3


VVets 2

PFist + Inferno Pistol

VVets 3

PAxe + Inferno Pistol

All in all, quite happy with how these turned out!

Next month…more Termies!

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The Grotz are back with new toyz

I love Grot Tankz.  They are one of my favourite models and it is odd that I don’t own the GW ones given that I like them so much.  This hasn’t stopped me from making my own though (Grot Tankz in the house! & Grot-Botz ROLLOUT!) and for this months painting challenge I cleared off another 3 that have been sat on my shelf demanding that they get a lick o’ paint.

These are a cobbled together collection of parts from plenty of sources and the two turrets are magnetized so I can swap them out for rokkitz or something if the Big Shootaz don’t cut the mustard.


More below!

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Even Dice Need Nice Homes

A while ago a good friend of mine decided to take up woodworking as a job.  I heard about this and asked him if he would be willing to make me a new Dice Box as my current one looked like this…


Which I’m sure all will agree is less than amazing.

Yesterday (after much battling with a delivery company to find out where they had left it) I got the new home for my dice in the mail.


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Go Big or Go Home.

So for this months challenge I decided to get something BIG painted.  I lack anything seriously big and stompy with loads of Dakka so I got my Gorkanaut out and decided to get him table ready.

I really enjoyed painting this fella and although I was tempted to Blood Axe camo the bejeezus out of him I went with my Mechanicus Grey scheme that fit the Grot Mega Tank pretty nicely.  Of course, being Orks it also has some bright paint on it to let you know who you’re up against so you bring your best ladz to the scrap.

The only annoying thing about painting this guy was my lack of sunlight hours here.  At one point I was more or less guessing where the paint was going as my kitchen light is pathetic but I had no available sunlight painting hours.


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Bringing the WAAAGH!

So this months painting challenge was, again, a modest one thanks to Christmas coming along and getting all up in my grill so I only pledged the 1 model (albeit a konversion).  Here he is to lead the ladz into the fray and krump some skulls.

What kind of banner would Blood Axes follow? A. Giant. Axe. is what they will follow.

Also, SamTheCat left me alone to paint it this month which was unusual…I suspect he is planning something.

Next month I feel the call of a Gorkanaught….we shall see!

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