To4G – Spyral Prime

So the final battle from our 4 player tale of 4 gamers style event is in the bag.  A mighty 3k per side clash between Tyranids and a combined Imperial force of Catachan Imperial Guard, Space Wolf and Crimson Fist Marines.

Here’s the write up of the battle alongside some cheesy fiction.  Some more cheesy fiction will follow just as soon as I’ve got round to writing it.


Concrete Jungle

Colonel Dillon surveyed the map before him with a not insignificant amount of despair. The ruins of a massive Imperial city lay before him.  He had arrived a day ago to find the city in ruins and no survivors at all. Only his hastily erected Aegis Line with its cluster of Tents provided any signs of Imperial activity.

His 2012th Catachan regiment had answered the panicked distress call of the beleaguered city with everything available and the air resonated with the sounds of scores of burly troopers hurling insults at one another as they went about the task of securing their perimeter.  Sergeants barked their orders and special and heavy weapons sections were organised.  A small team of tech savvy troopers were trying to coax life into the ancient quad gun that served as the remnants of the cities air defence network.  This did little to lift Dillon’s spirits as the squeal of tank tracks were too infrequent and the hubbub of the guardsman’s chatter wasn’t noisy enough to be reassuring.

When everything was tallied up and taken into account he had only a couple of half combat strength Platoons with one Chimera and their company Manticore.

He knew it would not be enough.

Orbital relays had revealed a significant force of Tyranids gathering outside the city that must have been at least three times the force he had to command.  An attack would happen within the next day or so and he did not have the means to do anything but defend what he had.

He had been promised backup from at least two chapters of Space Marines and had expected his men to be mere footnotes in the fighting which was alright by him.  He had faced these biological terrors before and had only just lived to tell the tale.  He had unfortunately not heard anything since this aid had been promised and his hopes of a last minute reinforcement had all but perished.

The 2012th had been plagued with misfortune for several days now and he read the disposition report with a grim resignation.  Tanks had broken down en route and had to be salvaged for fuel and ammunition. His Primaris Pskyer, had become ill with some psyker malady a day or so ago and was currently suffering from crippling headaches and night terrors leaving him too scared to tap the warp. His Commissar had refused to leave the Psykers tent and was set to save his soul at the first sign of possession.  The 2012th’s Valkyrie ‘Sky Rat’ had been instrumental in transporting the troops over the hellish terrain but had been grounded a few hours ago after it flew into a pack of airborne Tyranids too small to shoot with it’s weapons and had its engines clogged up forcing it to crash land.

The Ratlings that made up the (self proclaimed) infamous ‘Halfpint Hot Shots’ had mysteriously vanished on a scouting mission just after they were briefed on the size of the force arranged against them.  His Ogryns had gotten themselves hopelessly delayed and then lost when they panicked in their transport and killed the driver.  Even his Ministorum Priests had managed to find something better to do with their time than to listen to his orders and had wandered off late one night to find the lost souls of the city.  They had chosen to do so by stealing their two remaining Sentinels which only added insult to the injury.   His elite Ranger was operating far from base camp and had been forced to attempt to join them by gaining passage on a civilian Land Train which had been delayed when an armed band of fanatics attempted to take it over. That his soldier was apparently dealing with the situation admirably was of little consolation to him.

He did not rate his chances of surviving this next engagement.

He looked to his command section for inspiration, a bunch of vagabonds and madmen pressed into service for want of better recruits, and wondered silently to himself how he had amassed such an unlikely cadre as his inner circle.  The only pair he really trusted were his bodyguards Schwartz and Edgar who he had tasked with securing the drop site he had left twenty four hours ago.

The bizarrely robed character known to the men as ‘Mad Jack’ leaned forwards and stabbed at the map with a bony finger that looked slightly too long.

“I have seen to it that several sections of the outlying city will be of interest to our foes.”  his voice but a sibilant whisper   “The ruse will be uncovered quickly but it should delay them somewhat. Perhaps buying us time to retreat?”

Dillon did not much care for his open cowardice or the way he held his hand over his mouth as he spoke, as if hiding something ‘what do you mean of interest’ he thought.

At this stage, however, Dillon would take all the help he could get and although Mad Jack’s methods were unknown to him they were certainly effective.  He recalled his basic training and the lesson that he didn’t need to know how something worked just so long as it did sprang to mind.  He would tolerate this ‘advisor’ for the meantime.

He turned back to his map and tried to discern some advantage, some hidden element to the city that he could turn against his foes.  He perused the map in silence for the next half hour. Now that the vehicles had powered down to preserve their fuel the only sound he could hear was the occasional curse and a distant thud thud thud of someone working a punchbag.

He had just finished identifying several key objectives worth securing when a shout of surprise came from without his command tent.  He heard the determined footfall of something heavy approaching, Ogryns perhaps, when suddenly the canvas doors were thrown wide open revealing a towering giant in a slate grey power armour bedecked with bone talismans.  His face was ice and stone and his eyes were full of all the menace of a hungry apex predator. At this side were several more giants each sporting a vicious looking bolt gun covered in claws and other fetishes.

‘Space Marines!’ thought Dillon.  They’d come to his aid as promised.

Snapping to attention he gave the sign of the Aquila and turned to introduce his command section finding that Mad Jack had excused himself without him noticing.  No matter, he invited the Space Wolf to view the map he had prepared. The meeting lasted for just over an hour as he brought the Space Wolf up to speed with the 2012th’s capabilities and force disposition.  The Space Wolf absorbed all this silently and when Dillon had finished he chose to inform the Colonel about his own hunting pack.

As with all matters, the Astartes had better equipment and better intelligence.  The Space Wolf unveiled a more detailed map of the surrounding area, uncovering sections of the city that were too dangerous to venture into due to contamination from an as yet unidentified chemical agent that was inimical to biological life, presumably deployed in the defence of the city.

Also, unknown to Dillon, a contingent of Crimson Fists had already infiltrated the city. They had elected to inform their Astartes brothers of their arrival but had left the 2012th out of the loop.  Even now their Strike Cruiser was moving into position to lend what aid it could.

The Space Wolf mentioned a third Chapter ‘The Death Watch’ who had arrived with the Crimson Fists although Dillon had never heard of them before the Space Wolf believed they were well suited to this coming battle.   The Space Wolf updated the record to include the 2012 who were, to Dillon’s dismay, the more numerous of the three forces.

Now, with the Space Marines…it might just be enough.


Battle for Spyral Prime

Imperial Strike Team

Command Section + Officer of the Fleet
Infantry Platoon (2×10 Guard with Flamer + BPistol)
3xHW Sections (3xAutocannon, Mortars, Missile Launchers)
1xSW Section (3xFlamer)
Infantry Platoon (2×10 Guard with Flamer + BPistol)
Aegis + Quad Gun

Rune Priest (JotWW + MHurricane)
2x 7 Grey Hunters (1x Plasma Gun)
2xLand Speeders (HB + AC)
Long Fangs (5xML)
Dreadnaught (PC)

Lysander (Miall)
1xSternguard Unit (modeled as Deathwatch)
2xLand Speeder Typhoons
Drop Pod
Storm Talon
1xScout Unit

Tyranid Invasion Force

2xTrygon Prime
3xTervigon (Berthas)
1xGargoyle Pack
2xDevilgaunt Pack
6xHive Guard
1xDoom of Malantai
4xMycetic Spores
Aegis + Comm Tower



Tyranids won the roll for deployment and elected to set up and go first.  Two Berthas (Tervigons), 6 Hive Guard and a flock of Gargoyles later and they were pretty much done.

The Imperial forces decided to go with mostly everything & left only the 4 land speeders, a Chimera with a Flamer Special Weapon team and a Storm Talon in reserve.  Everything else would set up.

Tyranid Turn 1

“Spawn more Termagaunts” screamed the Hive Mind and the 2 Berthas on the board pumped about 20 new ones onto the board between them which scuttled up the board as fast as they could. The Gargoyles swooped up the centre and the Hive Guard moved deep into cover and tried to get in range.  With virtually everything out of range the Hive Guard made mince meat out of a foolish Guardsman who’d thought that the Aegis line would protect him.

TT1 Nid Set Up

Imperial Turn 1

The Deathwatch (10x Sternguard + Lysander) dropped in next to a Bertha and leveled their bolters ready to deal out the pain.

IT1 DW Land

The guard mostly stayed still although there was a little bit of shuffling as Officers ran into position.  The Space Wolves didn’t move much either and mostly every other weapon opened up on the Gargoyles who were shot down to a beastie.  First Blood Imperial.

IT1 Long Fangs

The Deathwatch locked, loaded and let rip only to see their target wounded (3w taken, 3w left) and prepared themselves for the inevitable Tyranid counterattack.

IT1 What do you mean its not dead

The Guard had secured the Imperial objective.

VP Nid: 0

VP Imp: 4

Tyranid Turn 2

Mycetic Spores rained down as all the Tyranid reserves made it to the board.  A Mycetic Spore (ever after dubbed the Myopic Spore) full of Devilgaunts tried to land near the Deathwatch but scattered off board forcing it to deploy in the arse end of nowhere.  A second spore full of the same was not as forgiving and the Deathwatch Elite found themselves surrounded by a sea of yellow.

TT2 Devilgaunts on target

The two Berthas on the board pumped out a load more Termagaunts and 1 of them ran out.

Elsewhere 2 Trygon Prime’s, 2 Flying Hive Tyrants, 3 Zoanthropes, 1 more Bertha and the Doom of Malantai all rocked up to lay down the pain.

TT2 Doom and Primes

The Doom managed to bloat itself up to 9w at the expense of the Imperial Guard, the RunePriest’s Rhino was blown to smithereens by the ‘thropes, the Primes rinsed the Heavy Weapon teams and somehow didn’t kill them thanks to the guard being in cover.

TT2 Zoanthropes Nuke Rhino

The Flyrants hosed down some Longfangs and pulped a Mortar team on the Imperial left flank.

The Hive Guard poured in fire where they could and dropped the odd Imperial here and there.

IT2 Mortars

The Deathwatch absorbed a horrifying amount of fire and somehow at the end 3 of them plus Miall (Lysander) were still standing.  Who were promptly tar pitted by the Termagaunts.  They won the fight but were locked in combat with just enough to tide them over through their turn.

VP Nid: 0

VP Imp: 4

Imperial Turn 2

All the Imperial reserves arrived and swooped onto the field taking aim at the Bertha next to Imperial lines and the Doom of Malantai.

IT2 Bertha

Following a lot of rockets and the timely intervention of the Crimson Fist Land speeders the Doom was insta-killed and the guard gave a sigh of relief although a few more had snuffed it in their turn.

IT2 Gunline

The Rune Priest was confuzzled by the Warp and the much feared Jaws of the World Wolf remained closed.  His bodyguard of Grey Hunters opened up on the Zoanthropes with a few guard chipping in with a light show and they managed to take several wounds off them although somehow failed to kill any specific one.  They did manage to lose their own Plasma Gunner in the meantime.

IT2 Rune Priest

The Bertha nearest imperial lines met it’s demise at the hands of the StormTalon backed up by the assault cannons on the Wolf Speeders and a the scream managed to kill some Termagaunts nearby.

IT2 Bertha Must Die

The Manticore, Whirlwind and Mortars attempted to thin out the Devil Gaunts attacking the Deathwatch but their fire was pretty abysmal and they killed barely half a dozen between them.

IT2 Guard Artillery

Miall and his Deathwatch fought themselves free of the tar pit and now looked into the barrels of the DevilGaunt guns once again.

VP Nid: 0

VP Imp: 4

Tyranid Turn 3

The remaining able Bertha spawned some more ‘nids and they swarmed the Deathwatch again and opened fire backed up by the Devilgaunts leaving only the DW sarge and (a wounded) Miall alive.

Not So many Left 1

The Flyrants split up and one nicely lopped the head off the Rune Priest with a flyby and the other decided that the Manticore had to go and seconds later it was a crater.

TT3 Manticore is a Crater

The Primes also split up with one diving into the Imperial Guard lines and the other charging the Space Wolves below the landing platform. The Primes made short work of a squad of Imperial Soldiers although the Wolves did manage to get away from it when they failed their morale check (albeit only 1 was left alive).

The Hive Guard poured some more fire into the Imperial lines but failed to make much of an impact as the Long Fangs were dug in deep.

TT3 Long Fangs

The Termagaunts charged Miall once again and he somehow survived with just enough left to tie him up again.

VP Nid: 0

VP Imp: 4

Imperial Turn 3

Guard orders were issues and they attempted to flashlight the Tyranid Supreme Commander out of the sky which they managed.  With a wounded, and more importantly grounded, target the Imperial forces opened up and missiles, lasguns, Plasma Cannons and bolt pistols all contributed to the demise of the Flyrant ‘Pliskin’.  The Guard got the finishing blow too (much to my amusement).

The Guard had an idea to Tank Shock a Prime to death but a combination of it having re-rolls to hit and it being a more or less guaranteed suicide run made them think again.  Imperial forces opened fire and dropped it instead.

IT2 Prime Down

The Whirlwind attempted to assist Miall by nuking the Gun Gaunts but somehow wounded him instead and didn’t kill that many Gaunts either.

The surviving Grey Hunter started throwing Krak grenades at the Prime but didn’t manage to wound it.

IT3 Wolf vs Monster

Miall bludgeoned the last of the Gaunts out of the way and turned to face the Devilgaunt gun line once more with his last wound still intact.

VP Nid: 0

VP Imp: 5

Tyranid Turn 4

Having had more than enough of the Space Wolf Dreadnaught, the remaining Flyrant massacred it in short order.  The Devilgaunts once again failed to kill Miall although he was only on 2w and now had no backup from his unit.  The Prime on the Nid left flank moved to engage the Whirlwind skulking behind the landing platform and turned it into a Crater.  It was now Linebreaking and the VPs were even.

The Hive Guard targeted the Wolf speeders that were amongst the Guard and caused one to blow up thinning the Catachans out a little.

The last of the Grey Hunters on the ‘nid right flank was polished off as they were unable to get through the Zonethropes armour who had been backed up by a small pack of Gaunts.

The Gaunts and Tervigon in the nid middle which had been mostly unmolested had snuck up to take the Nid objective marker by this stage.

Miall sadly did not survive this round and he failed only 1 of the plethora of saving throws, dying with a curse on his lips to the fickle nature of indirect barrages.

VP Nid: 5

VP Imp: 5

Imperial Turn 4

The only surviving HQ unit bellowed some orders and the Guard lines reconfigured to try and secure their objective against a last minute dash from the nids.

The guard unit that had previously brought down Pliskin attempted the same with the remaining Flyrant but it resolutely failed to smash it’s face into the ground and stayed airborne.

The Guard Mortar team attempted to shift the Nids on their objective marker but achieved little.  The flamer Guard in the Chimera attempted to contest it and they tanked forwards to make up the distance.

The Storm Talon attempted to get revenge for Miall but only took a wound off the Tervigon.

IT4 Stormtalon vs Bertha

The land speeders dropped in to cover the Imperial objective and mangled a few Gaunts to no appreciable effect.

VP Nid: 5

VP Imp: 5

Tyranid Turn 5

By this stage it was getting late and we had polished off quite a few ales.  We decided that this was to be the last turn.

The Hive Guard rushed the Imperial lines in an attempt to stop the Imps grabbing their objective and the remaining prime slaughtered a squad of guard that had tried to attack it.


The Hive Guard on the ‘nid left flank attempted to bring down the Imperial Flyer but failed to hit it.

Elsewhere the nids attempted to shore up their objective and the Prime moved under the skyshield to earn its VP.

TT5 Prime in Back Lines

VP Nid: 5

VP Imp: 5

Imperial Turn 5

Pretty much all Imperial fire that was able tried to shift the Bertha that was camping the objective but they weren’t able to wound it.

IT5 LongFangs

The Guard that had killed the previous Flyrant decided that they would bring the other one down also…in close Combat!  So they elected to move up, hose it with a flamer and a bolt pistol and then in they went.  They fared poorly.

TT5 Flyrant

The StormTalon tried to shift the objective camping Bertha but was unable to bring her down.

IT5 Get it off the Objective

That was it.  The dust settled and it was 5vps each.

VP Nid: 5

VP Imp: 5

Result: Draw


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