A disturbance in the Warp

The old To4G is in the bag and a new one is on the horizon.  I’ve been deliberating on which army to take.  I have a few options

  • Imperial Guard – expand on these guys & get stuff like Storm Troopers, Psyker Battle Squads & such.
  • Eldar – my first army & one that is in dire need of painting properly.
  • Sisters of Battle – I’ve got about 30 Sisters but nothing else…would be expensive
  • Emperor’s Children & Daemons – Got a few of these painted up already and I do enjoy converting Chaos things.
  • Dark Eldar – my Carnivale themed DE would be a real treat to paint up.

I think I’ve decided and spent yesterday assembling my Dark Vengeance boxed set guys.  Here’s a sneak peak (crappy phone camera though).


I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going...  IMAG0489

Next up will be the Mauler Fiend I reckon.  Then I just need to not suck quite as much as I think I’m going to when I get round to painting the buggers. I relied quite a lot on ‘Magic Wash’ (Aggrax Earthshade) for covering up the shoddy paintwork on my 2012th.

I’m not convinced by the usefulness of the Multi Melta on the Dread so I may Chaos up the barrels so that it can be used as anything I choose…Magnetizing that will be tricky.

Oh they’ll also need an army name…


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2 Responses to A disturbance in the Warp

  1. Aaah that looks like it’s going to be so much fun to paint! Complex though! Can’t wait to see his painting progress 😀

    • novafix says:

      I’m actually quite intimidated by my creation as I know that I’m going to have to pull off a really good paint job or it’s going to look terrible.

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