All After Incinerators!

The follow up bit of fiction to the To4Gs.  This is set as the battle ends and is from the pov of the Imperial Guard.


All After Incinerators!

Explosions and screams resounded all around the sky shield landing pad that the 2012th had commandeered.  Commander Dillon barked commands at his men and the resulting blasts of fire from dozens of lasguns gave whatever bugs that were still out there reason to stay away from his command post. The quad gun scoured the sky, sparking from several damaged sections but still functional.

The sudden lull in the fighting had enabled him to take stock of the battle and he thought that his soldiers had given a good reckoning of themselves. The mere presence of the Astartes had been enough to lend his Catachans courage and inspire them to greater feats of heroism.  Kills had been confirmed early on when his artillery had massacred a flock of flapping bat things and for a few minutes he felt as though they had overestimated the strength of their enemy.

That, however, was not the case and soon the sky was full of falling sacks of meat that had burst open to reveal glistening bio creatures that had spat death at his men in a myriad different ways.  Tunnels burst to reveal towering snake like monstrosities that sprayed death at his men hunkered down behind the aegis wall.  Some kind of brood mother thing had stumbled from the ruins, it’s belly squirming with unborn bugs.

A wailing scream had come from somewhere under the sky shield and several of his troops simply slumped over dead, their life force sucked straight out of them somehow.  Electricity arced from the snake beasts and where it touched flesh it incinerated whole limbs in an explosion of bone and flesh.

Elsewhere his troops had reported contacts with giant versions of the bats they had massacred that carried weapons that spat living ammunition.  Scores of impacts had exploded on the ferrocrete defense but some made it through the gaps and showered guardsmen and Space Marines  in voracious beetles that immediately tried to burrow into exposed flesh.

He heard his men screaming in terror as they tried to swat the things from their bodies but for those unlucky enough to be in the front lines it was in vain.  The beetles had burrowed through them and devoured them from the inside.  The sounds of brave guardsmen, Catachan guardsmen, trying to claw the creatures out from under their own skin would haunt him to the end of his days.  That was no clean way for a soldier to die.

Somewhere deep in the ruins he heard screams of more insectoid horrors and for a brief moment he had known that he would die.

He always imagined himself dying in the jungles of his training world, battling some foe he could at least understand yet he had found himself facing a foe he didn’t even know could communicate in a place about as far away from home as he could imagine.

His allies, however, had not yet fully engaged the enemy.  Earning their appellation ‘The Angels of Death’ the Space Marines had answered in kind and where the fighting was thickest, packs of blue and grey skimmers had screamed onto the battlefield and laid down a withering salvo of fire that had turned back the worst of their foes.  A Chimera bearing the colours of the 2012th lumbered onto the battlefield in support also, a trio of guardsmen blasting flames from the hatches, scouring clear any bugs threatening his lines.

His decision to make a firebase of the crippled sky shield had proved instrumental and although the section deployed with him had been savaged by the bio terrors their Aegis line had done it’s job and he still had soldiers to command.

He looked around at the Catachan troopers still standing and noted that they had suffered extensive casualties.  He had lost a lot of good soldiers today and he was sure he would lose more in the extraction, if it ever came.

Minutes previously, one of the command sections had secured their primary objective, a crippled Crimson Fist Scout, and had passed the marine in training back to his Battle Brothers who had vacated as quickly as they had arrived.  Whatever that marine had been carrying had better have been worth it.

Assessing his position he looked over the Aegis line he saw the monstrous snake thing that had rampaged through his men was now lying motionless, smoke rising from scores of wounds from tip to tail.  He fancied he could make out the furrow along it’s back left behind from his own plasma pistol.  Nearby a shattered sack of meat was flailing tentacles at nearby Catachans who were giving it a wide berth.

Not many guard were still standing and he saw the wrecked chassis of a Chimera nearby the similarly wrecked Razorback the Space Wolves had deployed..  During the battle he felt a series of explosions rock the underside of the sky shield and assumed their Whirlwind had met a similar fate.  According to the reports in from his troopers in the Basilica the Rune Priest was out of action and their Dreadnaught had been destroyed by the one surviving flying thing that had also destroyed their company Manticore.

Of the Crimson Fists he had confirmed sightings of the skimmers as they  disengaged and several scouts who had only made themselves known once the fighting started.  He fancied they might even be on par with Catachan scouts given their level of concealment.

He walked over to the still writhing body of a comms operator and picked up the vox handle being careful not to make contact with any exposed skin.  He punched the emergency frequency and requested evacuation.  The crackled message he received in return was welcoming.  The Sky Rat was already inbound and would on their location for a hot extraction within five minutes.

“All units fall back to the sky shield landing pad.  Fall back! All after incinerators!”

Barely a handful of acknowledgements were sent back hinting at the casualties his 2012th had suffered.  Of the Marines left behind he heard not a single thing.  They had left without informing him and he assumed they would not assist in his extraction.

The longest two minutes of his life passed before the Sky Rat’s jets could be heard as it came in low and fast over the cityscape.  It touched down upon the landing pad and his troopers immediately embarked.

He heard the crackle of flame throwers from the stairwell as the Guardsmen retreating up the stairs to the landing pad covered their retreat.  Alien screams and the sporadic wet slapping of bio-ammunition exploding against the Aegis wall evidenced that they were still out there although the incoming fire was random and light. For whatever reason they had they too had withdrawn from the fight.

He noted with regret that most of his foot-sloggers had not made it to the landing pad before the pilot’s insistence they extract could wait no longer and he punched the door closed himself.  As the ramp closed he spotted the repairs to the engine mounting on one of the wings of the Valkyrie.  The gleaming metal hinted that this may have been it’s first flight.  He prayed to the Emperor that it would not be his last.


I do so enjoy writing cheesy fan fiction 🙂


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  1. Nice work as ever good sir!

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