Super Dungeon Explore – Von Drakk Manor

So my early birthday arrived from my other half.  She  was very kind and permitted me to open it early (primarily so we could play it at the weekend).  The present was…


Having played tons of vanilla SPExplore and a lot of the 1st expansion Caverns of Roxxor I was well up for being the Consul in this game.

We played with 4 Heroes and as it was a new expansion I used both the new spawning points (Pumpkin Patch & Shallow Grave) and the Wyrmling one as well making 4 in total.

The heroes were the Druid, Berserker Woman, Sister of Light & Celestial Herald.

Given that I didn’t know what I was doing to start with and didn’t know how to use the minions effectively I thought I was going to get stomped but 2 of the players hadn’t played before and so it was roughly even.

They made the mistake of minion pummeling and it wasn’t until Turn 4 that they took down my fist Spawning point and at that stage I had every single model I was able to on the board and was about to get the Death Spectre mini-boss.  It was pretty much over.

They used their rez charm when I swarmed one of them with Skellies and the Druid was killed shortly after that through a mix of skull bats & Skellies again.

I had intended to take pictures but a mixture of Hoegaarden, John Smiths, Cider and ale ensured that didn’t happen.

I’m really looking forward to giving this another go as soon as possible 🙂

Consul 1 Heroes 0


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