Slaanesh & Clothing

So I was pootling about looking for a decent colour scheme for my Slaaneshi cultists and after spending countless minutes on a colour wheel looking for complementary colours I decided upon a pink/turquoise scheme with ochre leather and black boots.  I was a little apprehensive about this as previously my Imperial Guard have been very forgiving and an undercoat of Army Painter’s superb Army Green washed with Aggrax Earthshade has seen them alright.

I base coated one model to get a feel for how it looks.  It’s a scrappy paint job at the moment as I’ve not done any tidying up at all but I think the scheme is ok…I think I’ll change the bandages on his hand to white washed with Nuln Oil as I’m not sure I like them as the ochre colour.

Glory to Slaanesh!

For the basing I bought me some Anarchy Crystals and I’ll be scattering them on bases and seeing how they look.

Warp stuff!

I’ll post up a picture of the cultist when he’s finished.


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