1k Battle Report Emperor’s Children vs Tyranids

Another battle report for your perusal.  This time it was Chaos vs Nids and we had a limited window to play it.  We had thought about a 2k mash up but settled on 1k in the end.

Emperor’s Children

  • Sorcerer – Level 2 with MoS, Aura of Dark Glory (Excess & Biomancy)
  • 6xNoise Marines (4xSB, 1xBM)
  • 6xChaos Marines (1xMelta)
  • Hellbrute
  • Hellbrute + Reaper Autocannon
  • Vindicator + Warpflame Gargoyles
  • Rhino
  • 10 Cultists with Autoguns + Shotgun + Heavy Stubber
  • 10 Cultists with Autoguns + Shotgun + Flamer
  • 10 Cultists + Shotgun + Flamer


  • Psychic Flyrant with Brainleach devourers (Psychic Biomancy stuff)
  • Trygon
  • Tervigon (Psychic Biomancy)
  • Tervigon (Psychic Biomancy)
  • Hive Guard x2
  • 2x Termagaunts x15 (or so…)


Tyranids won the roll for deployment and elected to set up and go first. I was hung over to hell so there’s no pictures, only this crudely drawn MS paint map dredged up from memory.  Set up was diagonals and the battle was the one where there are 6 objectives worth different amounts each.

Essentially a photo.

Tyranid Turn 1

The Tervigons did what Tervigons do best and 2 more units of Gaunts shambled onto the battlefield, 1 took up residence in the building next to the tervigons and the others legged it as far forward as they could go.

Pretty much everything else was out of range and/or didn’t have guns.

Chaos Turn 1

The Chaos forces re-deployed a little and aimed for a 1st turn charge with the spawn and cultists on the left at the gaunts that had run close to them.  One spawn stood there like a lemon and the other one (it’s got a knife!) made it into combat and proceeded to do very little.  Luckily the previous bit of shooting had thinned the unit out and the spawn remained locked in combat flailing uselessly at the fearless little blighters.

The Noise marines in conjunction with the Vindicator killed one of the starting units of gaunts and the Sorc boosted the cultists with +1i and proceeded to practice casting ‘Warp Speed’ upon himself.

The 2 Dreads tried to shoot what they could with the Reaper Autocannon one having a pot shot at the Tervigon who was somehow in cover thanks to a slither of base occupying the Area Terrain – true los be damned when AT is concerned – and thanks to night fighting it did nothing.

Tyranid Turn 2

The Flyrant made it to the board and hosed down a  unit of Cultists leaving 2 alive.  The Tervigons spawned more Termagaunts although 1 ran out.  The Hive Guard shot up the Rhino leaving it wrecked and the Spawn was wounded along with a few Termagaunts although both were fearless and going nowhere.

The stranded spawn was riddled with gunfire and snuffed it while the barren Tervigon pumped some spine things into the Cultists which killed a couple.

Soul Blaze went out doing nothing.

Chaos Turn 2

The cultists on the right comprised of my friends Blight Guard (Skaven themed IG) opened up on the Flyrant and proceeded to do nothing although they did score a number of hits.  The Noise Marines had nothing better to shoot at and so salvo’d up the Flyrant chipping a wound off.  The Reaper Dread had a pop too and got double 6 which also brought it out of the sky although didn’t wound it with it’s guns.  The Melta Dread then took another wound off leaving it on 1 wound with nothing able to shoot it.

The +1 attack buffed cultists on the left managed a charge into the Hive Guard and managed to not wound them despite 41 attacks on the charge (wtf?).  The Guard bludgeoned 1 to death in return and expected them to leg it but the Cultists were having none of that and stayed locked in combat.

The Space Marines in the middle shot up some Termagaunts for a lack of anything better to shoot at and the sorc buffed himself up again getting +1 i&a.

Tyranid Turn 3

The Tervigon pumped out yet another unit of Gaunts in celebration of the Trygon arriving and the Flyrant flew over to the Noise Marines and reduced them to a single Blastmaster thanks to my inability to make a 4+ cover from a psychic attack (killed 2 and healed the Flyrant back to 3w) and then 3 out of 4 more 3+ saving throws.  The Spawn in the middle was charged by the Tervigon who flailed pathetically at it as it was flailed pathetically at.

The Cultist in combat with the hive Guard were only playing last turn and took one of them down with 1 loss to themselves.  The Tervigon pondered who to shoot at and had a go at the Dread but didn’t do any damage.

The board now looked something like this

There are actually more than 1k nids on the board now.

Soul Blaze went out doing nothing.

Chaos Turn 3

With things rapidly going down the pan there needed to be a decisive move this turn and so the Cultist, Melta Marines and the remaining Blast Master all opened up on the Flyrant achieving nothing whatsoever.  The Reaper Dread chuckled and activated his auto-aim haxx and got double 6 again and punched him from the sky once more.  His Hellbrute mate bro-fisted him and melta’d up the Flyrant but failed to hit.  Deciding that it was all or nothing, both ‘brutes waded in, power fists windmilling.

The Flyrant hosed one up with no effect and then proceeded to tear off the Reaper Autocannon the Dread had become so fond of.  This left the Dread with a power fist, 1 HP and a can of wuppass which it promptly laid on said Flyrant.

Slay the Warlord cheevo unlocked 02/08/2013.

The Spawn in the middle copied the Flyrant and popped like a sack of overfilled meat. while the cultists were totally going to kill the Hive Guard but took him to 1 wound instead.

Tyranid Turn 4

The death of the Flyrant did not stop the Tervigon at the back pushing another 13 or so Gaunts onto the board and a tactical appraisal of the objectives hinted that this time Slaanesh would be ‘the man’.

The Tervigon decided to kill the Rat Guard/Cultist troops and rinsed them in close combat leaving about half who legged it (successfully) to a nearby crater.

The Cultists on the left were finished off by a new unit of Gaunts who charged them thus freeing up the HG.  The barren Tervigon shambled forwards and tried to shoot up the Chaos Marines who were having none of it.

Soul Blaze went out doing nothing.

Chaos Turn 4

The Sorc ate his spinach, popped his potion from Getafix and charged the Tervigon with his Marine buddies as backup.  Realising that he couldn’t activate his Force Weapon he shoved the Aspiring Champ forwards who found out what it was like to be inside a Tervigon pretty quickly.  Neither the Sorc or the Marines were fearless although they were totally up for it next turn and the Sorc saw his energy bar go green on his Force Sword.

The Vindicator tried to thin out the Gaunts on the left but missed most of them and killed 1.  The Noise Marine fared poorly also and did nothing.  The Dreads in the centre milled around a bit and prepared to try and kill the Gaunts in the centre of the field given that they couldn’t be hurt by it and charging the Tervigon would only make them cheerleaders in the upcoming mandatory challenge (FYI – that rule sucks for Chaos…).  They both passed their charge and started snapping necks.

Tyranid Turn 5

Time was ticking and we had 19mins to get two turns in before we had to pack up.

The Hive Guard and Gaunts barreled into the combat in the centre while a sea of Gaunts spewed from the back as the Tervigon gave birth again.  The Trygon charged the last of the cultists on the right who managed somehow to take off a wound causing premature high 5’s all round.

The Sorc stepped up to the plate and called out the Trygon in a challenge who decided not to fight now that the combat had half a dozen more Nids to it and so the Sorc swung uselessly at the Gaunts and killed 1 (if I remember correctly).  The Chaos Marines were too busy getting ready to cheerlead their boss and did nothing themselves other than watch one of them die.

The Dreads started to slow boat their way through the Gaunt pack with their mighty 2 attacks each and managed to kill a few.

Soul Blaze went out doing nothing.

Chaos Turn 5

Pretty bleak all round here now and the Dreads in the centre did little to improve Slaaneshi morale as there was no way they’d ever stem the tide of Gaunts without AOE which they didn’t have and couldn’t use if they did.

The Vindi and the Blast master did what they could (very little) and so it came down the melee in the middle to decide the fate of this battle.

Still, the Sorc managed to get the Tervigon to accept the challenge even though now I think about it couldn’t probably happen due to it wussing out the turn before.  Still, it’d make for a climatic finale to the battle.

As his minions fought uselessly beside him the Sorc buffed himself up once again with a tremendously helpful +1i from his psychic powers and he waded into the Tyranid beastie

“…both combatants eyed each other across the raging melee.  Ancient malevolence peered from the beetle eyes of the gargantuan alien creature while a lustful ecstasy played across the lips of the Sorcerer devoted to She Who Thirsts.  He moved like lightning, dancing around and under her stabbing the soft fleshy parts of her underbelly.  Gore dripped from her spent birthing sacks and more sprang forth as the blade did it’s grim work however, no matter where or what he stabbed the Sorcerer could find no purchase on the creatures soul and he found himself actually within the birthing sack wondering just what in Hells own name he’d been stabbing.  The Tyranid sat down, squashing him.”

At the end of the battle the board looked something like this

Tyranids everywhere

VP Nid: 8

VP Chaos: 2

Result: Slaanesh got battered.

Afterthoughts: This game was always going to be tough given that I’d written my army list thinking I was facing Nurgle and then was too hungover to be bothered changing it when my opponent revealed he’d actually taken Tyranids.  The mission type was objectives scattered all over the board (6 of the blighters) and was perfect for an army made up primarily of cheap troops that kept getting spawned as no matter how many I killed I was relying on my opponent rolling a double or me somehow wading through the mire to get to the be-atches to stop it swamping the board with objective camping troops.  Furthermore, I discovered that vehicles cannot contest objectives (I’d planned to do that with the Dreads) whereas MCs can…Still, it was a fun game although I’m yet to see the ‘chaos must challenge everything’ rule actually working in my favour and my faith in Chaos Sorcs has taken another blow as my guy was a buff bot who essentially failed.

I rolled for Soul Blaze at the end of the battle and it went out.


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  1. It was a Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it. However Ill also note here that I not only gave you a chance to redo your army list, but asked you if you wanted to reroll the mission! You were still hung over to hell though, so probably werent making the best tactical decisions. You decadant Slaaneshi Filth!

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