Cultists Assemble!

So I managed to get my arse in gear and do some more work on my Cultists.  I think they’re not looking too bad now although I’m still not 100% sure of the base or how to do the gravel yet.


Here’s the group in full (some bits still need doing & these are by no means complete).


Cultist Champion.

I decided to go with a Leviathan Purple wash over the pink this time and it’s pre-highlight but looking alright I reckons.

I didn’t enjoy painting these right up until the washes went on and the colour scheme came together.  The Crystals on the base aren’t as stand out as I’d have liked & I think I may have been better served going for a contrasting colour…

Hopefully I’ll get them finished this week in the next day or two.


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One Response to Cultists Assemble!

  1. Wow these came out lovely!! I absolutely adore the pink/purple colour. And such an appropriate colour scheme for ‘cultists’. Love love love it!

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