Battle Report – Crimson Fists vs Emperor’s Children

Me and a mate decided to try out the 500pt recon battle.  He would field the noble Crimson Fists and I’d be taking the morally dubious Emperor’s Children.  The battle was on a 4×4 board and we had no scenery so his kid’s farm animal set, a toy castle and an old Leman Russ were brought into service.  The battle would be forever known as ‘The Battle for Windmill Prime”.

Emperor’s Children

  • Lord + Jump Pack & Murder Sword with MoS
  • 6 Raptors with MoS
  • 10 Cultists with Autoguns & Heavy Stubber
  • Hellbrute + Reaper Autocannon
  • 10 Cultists + Shotgun + Flamer
  • Spawn + MoS

Crimson Fists

  • Librarian
  • 10 Devastators + 3xML & 1xLC
  • 5 Tactical Marines + MM
  • 5 Tactical Marines + GravGun & Combi Grav
  • Drop Pod


Chaos won the roll for deployment and chose one of the hills close to an objective to set up on.  Pretty much everything as far forward as possible.

Chaos Deployment

Chaos  Turn 1

With hardly any targets to see and most of them way out of range the Chaos forces went for the objectives.  The autopistol cultists slid down the hill to get to the objective by the tree while their autogun armed brethren ran towards the objective to the far right of the board.

The hellbrute moved down the hill also, keeping well out of LoS of the dev squad while the Raptors and Spawn ran up to the Windmill.

Chaos movement T1

Marine Turn 1

The Marines decided to attack the Raptors and Lord with the Drop Pod as the Cultists would laugh off the Grav Guns in their pathetic armour.

The Drop pod landed and scattered a little but the marines were all in range.

Drop Pod Arrival

The Dev squad targeted the autogun cultists with frag missiles and the las cannon which killed half the squad.  The cultists were brave little soldiers though and decided not to break.

My opponent had never used Grav Guns (and I’d never seen them in action before) and so we had mixed feelings about their use when they killed most of the Raptors.  The bolter fire went in and left only the Lord and Champ alive.

They're all dead Dave

Chaos Turn 2

The Chaos Lord eyed up the sarge in the combat squad and flew in to have a go with the Raptor champ.  The Spawn moved up to absorb the overwatch fire and the hellbrute squared up against the Drop Pod.

The autogun Cultists ran behind a wood and out of LoS of everything and moved towards their objective.  Their close combat kin mingled around the tree next to their objective.

The Dread shot up the Drop Pod and took 2 hull points off before it waded in and pulped it in close combat.

The Lord and Raptor watched the Spawn get shot to ribbons (yet somehow kept going) and they waded in too.  The Lord issues his challenge and the Sarge dutifully stepped up to try and stem his effectiveness in close combat but was duly cut down for his trouble.


The Raptor champ and the Spawn failed to do anything to the remaining Marines who tried to kill the Spawn but discovered that this one was tough as boots and it survived on 1w.

The Chaos Lord rolled for his Demon reward and was subsequently turned into a spawn for his trouble….except he had the re-roll demon reward Warlord Trait which saved him from that fate only to give him nothing instead (22 followed by 12).

Marine Turn 2

The marines on the hill had literally nothing to shoot at and so it was straight to close combat.  The lord and entourage reduced the squad to 1 survivor who tried to stab up the Spawn again without much luck.  They remained locked in combat.

Chaos Turn 3

The Hellbrute moved around the Windmill and stayed out of LoS while he had no backup.  The autogun Cultists secured their objective and were also out of LoS to boot.

Take Cover!

The combat in the middle ended when the Lord decided not to use his Murder Sword and instead stuck the boot in and finished off the Marine.  Follow up moves were just enough to get him into cover behind a 5++ fence…The Spawn ran as far as it could towards the marines on the hill.

Marine Turn 3

Nothing else to shoot at so the Devs and Tacticals opened up on the Lord and his mate.  After the salvos of fire were resolved there remained 2 S8 Ap3 shots to deal with…

Cover Saving throws or instant death (red dice for scale)

Glory to Slaanesh

Chaos Turn 4

Needing 24″ to get to a Tactical Marine the Lord and Raptor tried to leg it to cover to the right of the Dev squad but a combination of me not measuring anything and poor running rolls meant that they were out in the open.

The Spawn moved to stand in front of it’s master and they attempted to weather the storm.

Probably not going to end well

The Hellbrute tried to thin the Devs out but only dropped one with a Bolter on the end.

Marine Turn 4

The tactical squad moved up and removed the Spawn from the equation by riddling it with bolter fire.

The Devs then sighted up the Lord and sent him straight back to Slaanesh…no cover and 4 heavy weapons ensured it.

Chaos Turn 5

The hellbrute fired at the Devs again to little effect and the cultists sat on their objectives…if this kept up it would be

Marines: 3 Chaos: 5

Marine Turn 5

The Marines had no way to shift the Cultists as they’d left it too late so decided on trying to kill the Hellbrute and maybe snatch a draw by taking the middle objective marker.

The Hellbrute was dug in like an Alabama tick and all the shots that managed to penetrate/glance it were saved by the cover.

Chaos Turn 6

The Hellbrute opened fire again on the Devs and managed to pop another Bolter marine.

The Cultists got their groove on and earned their lives in the eyes of Slaanesh.

Marine Turn 6

The Devs and Tactials had no way to get to the objective and just tried to kill the ‘brute for honour points but the damned thing wouldn’t die and duly passed all of it’s required cover saves again.

VP Marines: 3 (1 objective & StW)

VP Chaos: 5 (2 objectives and FB)

Result: Slaanesh victory!

Afterthoughts: As soon as I saw my opponents army I knew if I took 2 Objectives with the cultists and dealt with the Drop Pod guys I would have it in the bag.   This proved true and although I was annoyed to lose the Lord he did his job by typing up the Devs who were too scared to advance as their Librarian had been marked for murder and they had a ton of open ground in front of them to kill anything that attacked them.  This was a faux ami though as it meant they wouldn’t move to get the objectives.  I almost threw the game away by not attacking with the ‘Brute in CC before the Spawn (who luckily survived and denied my opponent FB) but things worked out and I got my win.


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