Battle Report – Dark Angels vs Dark Eldar

Another 500pt recon bash & this time I was fielding my Dark Eldar. My opponent would be using his Dark Angels.

Dark Eldar

  • Haemunculus
  • 5 Wracks +Liquifier Gun
  • 5 Wracks +Liquifier Gun
  • 8 Kabalite Warriors + Splinter Cannon
  • Talos
  • Raider + Night Shields
  • Raider + Night Shields

Dark Angels

  • Librarian
  • 5 Devastators + 4xML
  • 5 Tacticals + ML
  • 5 Tacticals + Flamer
  • 5 Scouts (3 x SR + 1 x ML
  • Drop Pod


My opponent won the roll and opted to make me set up and go first.  The deployment was easy, stay out of LoS of the Devs so I put the Wracks close to one objective and my Raiders to my right with the Talos.

The Marines set up as expected, the scouts in one building and the Devs set up in cover at the back with LoS to nothing thanks to the hill.

Dark Eldar Turn 1

The Raiders and Talos moved to the right while the Wracks moved to the left to secure an objective.


The Dark Eldar decided that they’d give the marines over the hill a wide berth and opted instead to move up and hose the scouts with everything in range.  The Talos, 2xRaiders and all the Kabalites whittled them down to 3 after they went to ground.  The scouts then legged it after failing their panic check.

Dark Angel Turn 1

The Dark Angels had nothing to shoot at as the Devs were isolated over the hill and the Dark Eldar had stayed out of LoS so they moved up to get in on the action.

The scouts rallied thanks to ATSKNF and moved up behind the building to snap fire at things.

The Drop Pod smashed into the ground and one combat squad of tacticals inside moved up to engage the Wracks in the ruins on the DE left flank but thanks to Area Terrain and FnP the Wracks shrugged it off.  The other Tacticals moved into the building and set up a clear field of fire to the centre of the board.

Drop Pod Arrives

The second squad of tacticals moved up into the ruins and failed to hit the Raider with the ML.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

The Wracks tried to move up to the Marines in the open but failed to get through the cover, no doubt catching all their accoutrements on something.  The Raiders and Talos moved to engage the Drop Pod marines and wiped them out.

Dark Angel Turn 3

The Dark Angels managed to blast a Raider to pieces with their newly arrived Devastator team and the tacticals put a frag missile into the survivors causing them to nearly flee off the board.

The scouts didn’t switch their sights on and missed everything.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

The Haemunculus and chums rallied and moved back out of LoS while the second Raider turbo boosted behind the Marines Drop Pod ready to attack anew next turn.

The Wracks milled around in the building and decided to withdraw behind it to guard the objective.

The Talos spied the ML clad Tactical marine and filled him with splinter cannon fire which dropped him.

DE Turn 3

Dark Angels Turn 3

The Dark Angels didn’t have much to shoot at so the Librarian joined the tacticals and tried to shoot up the Raider without much luck.

The scouts failed to hit anything again and the Devastators moved out of cover to draw a bead on something but didn’t manage it.

Dark Eldar  Turn 4

The Raider sped out from behind the Drop Pod, and the Wracks inside jumped out and got within charge distance of the Devs.  Their Liquifier gun wasn’t as potent as I’d have hoped and only  a couple of Devs bought it.

The Talos tried to help out too but didn’t manage much & the Haemunculus & chums moved up behind the building and tried to stay out of the way.

The Wracks charged in and managed to not achieve as much as they’d have liked but got the marines down 1 man.

Wracking up the kills

Dark Angel Turn 4

The Librarian ran round the building to get in the combat with the Wracks but didn’t manage the charge distance and so remained away from the fray which the Wracks duly drew.

The tactical marines tried to shoot up the Raider and took off a hull point.

Dark  Eldar Turn 5

The Talos & Raider moved up and took a bead on the Librarian and the Talos dropped him with a burst of Splinter Cannon fire and was now in a position to threaten the tactical Marines in the building

The Wracks continued the combat and dropped the last of the marines before moving up to threaten the scouts.


Elsewhere the Haemunculus and Wracks sat tight on their objectives.

Dark Angel Turn 5

The Scouts opened up on the Wracks and although the snipers all missed the frag  missile was dead on and dropped all but 1

The Marines and Drop pod shot up the Talos and took a wound off it – would that be enough to deter it?

Dark Eldar Turn 6

The Talos ran towards the Tactical marines and elected not to shoot so as to have the best chance of rolling the required distance to get in.  The Raider moved around to threaten the Tacticals also.

The Talos charged and the overwatch dice were picked up.  8 Dice, 6’s to hit, 6’s to wound. Two hits, two wounds, two failed 3+ armour saves and 2 failed 5+ FnP saves later and the Talos was wrecked.  Talos dies

Dark Angel Turn 6

The game was pretty much over and so the Dark Angels tried and failed to drop the last Raider.

VP Marines: 2 (1 x Objective)

VP Dark Eldar: 6 (2 x Objective, StW & FB)

Result: Dark Eldar victory!

Afterthoughts: My opponent said after the battle that he was glad we had this game as he was going to take this force in the future for this exact type of game and he realised it wasn’t mobile enough.  I also had some luck in that he set up the scenery and placed the ROB boards together so that there was a stonking great big hill in the middle which limited the Devs ability to shoot.  I was unlucky to lose the Talos like that in the end but I couldn’t complain as FnP kept a lot of my guys going when they should have been killed.  The Haemunculus wasn’t very effective though other than sharing his Pain Token  with the Kabalites.  I fell a little bit more in love with Wracks after this battle.  Cheap as chips and very good at what they do.


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One Response to Battle Report – Dark Angels vs Dark Eldar

  1. Awesome write up sir! I really did shaft myself with that Terrain set up – Especially with the Devs. They got 1 confirmed kill – the Raider. not really that points affective!

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