Imperial Guard Veterans

So I decided to get some Catachan veterans done & wanted to make them a little different as befits the elite of the Guard.

The first squad I put together were Carapace Armoured Plasma vets. The helmets are non-gw from Anarchy.

The Predators

The second squad were put together after my mate gave enthusiasm to my idea to make a squad of bearded & mustachioed troopers. I’m no expert with green stuff but I had a go anyway and the results are below. A mixed bunch of “oh that looks pretty good” and “WTF is that on his face”. I need to have them finished by tonight and I’m at work now so there’s a limited time for you to suggest improvements that aren’t ‘rip off that abomination and start again’ for the David Bellamy guy. The blonde haired troopers are going to have their hair darkened as I don’t like the way it’s come out.

The Gents

This is the guy I’m not happy with (the blonde one)

David Bellamy and Santas Love Child

David Bellamy and Santas Love Child

These are my two favourites.

'tache maketh the man

C&C welcome (although you’ve got about 12 hours to suggest something as I’m at the pub tonight for a Halloween pub quiz (as a French zombie pirate))


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Part Man. Part Squirrel. All Pirate.
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2 Responses to Imperial Guard Veterans

  1. 40kterminatus says:

    I think the Santas Love child looks slightly wrong as the beard is bigger than his head .I`d go for the same shape beard with a little less bulk in my humble opinion. Keep up the good work they look great.

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