Back in Business

Well, it’s been a while but I finally have home stuff sorted and was able to dig out my models for the first time in ages.  Looks like the Catachan 2012th are going to be getting some new recruits.

Now the Guardsmen have no excuse for not advancing.

Bullgryns Reporting In

Mercenary Bullgryn standins (will build the base up so they’re height equivalent to Bullgryns)

Bullgryn Proxies

Air cover / horde shredder rolling off the production lines.  This looks like it’s going to be a dream to magnetise.


So all I need now is some undercoat and a clear Sunday and these should be on their way to joining their comrades.


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One Response to Back in Business

  1. novafix says:

    So Sunday came and went and all I managed was to sort out my bitz box and clear a few sprues of what was left after assembly. Plus I realised I didn’t have any PVA glue so couldn’t even base them. Balls.

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