Are these the new recruits?

The Gretchin from the Stormclaw box set are going to fulfil two roles for me.  The first is as humble Gretchin and the second is as my Conscripts for the 2012th.  As Blood Axe lackeys they’ve been volunteered to run around with white face paint (Whiteshield markings) and die like the chaff they are.

They’re up for a scrap though as they’ve been given access to the best weaponry the Mek’s discard pile had to offer…

The weapons still need a little work and I’m going to take some notches out of the swords and knives I swapped out to make them look a little more rag tag.  The smoke launcher hand cannon needs the barrels drilling out also.

Gretchin/Whiteshield 1

Gretchin/Whiteshield 2

This guy is my favourite.  Look at his gun it’s got 3 barrels! Well worf da teef.

Gretchin/Whiteshield 3


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