Grotz Immune to Boltaz? WAAAGH!

Assembled these bad boys last night.  Really fun models to put together and the image of a Grot in a 10ft tall tin can stomping about the battle field dishing out some hurt really appeals to me.

This one has gone all Godzilla Stampy and has kunninly disguised himself to fit in with any Catachans he finds himself mercing for.


This little fella is reachin up to snip the arms off something much bigger than him.


Rockits to provide a little punch to the Grot Launchaz


And here’s the pack!  WAAAGH!


I feel as though I’m really going to enjoy painting these little fellas although I will need a Deff Dread to look after them as they still get scared when you shoot them up and need a big ‘un nearby to steady their nerves.


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