Battle Report. Ultramarines vs Eldar + Dark Eldar. 2k

At the weekend I had my first battle since moving.  I would be fielding 1k of Dark Eldar allied with another 1k of Craftworld Eldar.  My opponent would be the Ultramarines.

This battle was 6th edition as we weren’t 100% comfortable with 7th rules and I don’t have the new DE codex yet…it’s in the post somewhere…


Eldar & Dark Eldar

  • Haemunculus Ancient – Casket of Flensing, Agonizer & Splinter Pistol
  • 3x Grotesques – 1xAbberant 1xLiquifier Gun
  • 5x Wracks – 1xAcothyst 1x Liquifier Gun
  • 5x Wracks – 1xAcothyst 1x Liquifier Gun
  • 10x Kabailte Warriors 1x S.Cannon 1xChamp 1x Blast Pistol
  • Talos – Haywire Gun ECCW + Chain Flails
  • Cronos – Spirit Vortex
  • 1xRaider Night Shield + Flicker Field + Splinter Rack
  • 1xRaider Night Shield + Flicker Field + Chain snares
  • 3xBeastmasters 6x Khymaera
  • 1xAutarch – Scorpion Mask, PWeapon
  • 3x Jetbikes 1x S.Cannon
  • 3x Jetbikes 1x S.Cannon
  • 12 x Guardians + 1xScatter Laser
  • 1x Crimson Hunter
  • 1x War Walker Bright Lance + Scatter Laser
  • 10x Dire Avengers
  • 1x Wave Serpent TL Missile Launchers
  • 3x Distort Cannons


  • 1x Captain
  • 1x Tigirius
  • 1x Storm Talon
  • 1x Land Raider Crusader
  • 1x Thunderfire Cannon + Techmarine
  • 1x Dreadnaught
  • 6x Assault Marines 1x P.Fist
  • 10x Tactical Marines 1x Plasma Gun 1x Plasma Pistol 1xMulti Melta
  • 10x Tactical Marines 1x Plasma Gun 1x Plasma Pistol
  • 1x Drop Pod Stormwind Missiles
  • 1x Devastator Squad 2x Heavy Bolter, 1x Las-Cannon, 1x Heavy Plasma Gun
  • 1x Rhino
  • 1x Vindicator
  • 5x Terminators 1xAsault Cannon

Board Set Up – Long Board Edge
Mission 1x Objective Each
Marines won the roll for deployment and opted to set up first and go first.

Marines opted to push their left flank with the Terminators, Crusader & Dread, the Centre was held by Tigirius, the Devastators and Tech Marine and their right flank was held by the Vindicator, Rhino with tactical marines and Assault Squad. DPod and STalon in reserve.

Eldar decided to push their left flank heavily and deployed mostly everything there with the Guardians and War Walker holding the right flank alone. Crimson Hunter, both Jet Bike Squads and the Kabalites in the Splinter Wagon in reserve

20141018_214211 20141018_214208 20141018_214216

Eldar tried to steal the initiative but failed.

Marine Turn 1
The vindicator moved in range of the Distortion Cannons on a kill or be killed mission, the Tactical Marines advanced putting the Fortification between them and the Eldar gun line, the Crusader and Dread advanced as fast as they could to get into range. The Drop Pod slammed down next to the Guardians who now looked like they were in serious trouble.

20141018_215604 20141018_222455

The drop pod marines opened fire on the Guardians who went to ground and lost half their squad. The Crusader and Dread went flat out/ran to get closer. The Vindicator missed it’s shot and now looked vulnerable and the Thunderfire Cannon tried to thin out the Distortion Cannons but didn’t score any wounds. The Devastators decided to try and kill the Wracks who were the only thing in sight but the Wracks went to ground behind a wall and only suffered 1 wound.

First Blood – Marines.
Eldar Turn 1
The Eldar moved strongly down their left flank with the Beastmasters and Grotesques in their Raider going as fast as they could. The Talos and Cronos moved up to engage the Vindicator but the Talos failed to do anything with it’s Haywire Blaster.

20141018_225635  20141018_225626
The War Walker on the right flank shot at the Land Raider, scored a hit, penetrated it and….stunned it for a turn so it couldn’t move. The 3 DCannons lined up the Vindicator and scored 2 direct hits. Which did nothing. The Wave Serpent had a go too but also failed.


Charges were attempted with much optimism and little success.

Marine Turn 2
The Storm Talon sped onto the board to bolster the Marine right flank. The Vindicator dropped back out of range of the DCannons to focus on the closer enemies. The Tactical Marines sped round the corner in their Rhino and popped smoke (which we forgot about) and the Assault Marines jumped out to engage the Raider full of Grotesques. The Dreadnaught moved to take care of the War Walker while the Tactical Marines lined up to punush the guardians even more.

20141018_230355 20141018_233041 20141018_233045

The Storm Talon lit up the Talos and put it out of it’s misery while the Vindicator attempted to put a pie template shaped hole in the Beastmasters but thanks to the Khymaera 4++ only 1 died. The tactical marines whittled the Guardians down to 3 and took out their Scatter Laser while the Dread made short work of the War Walker. The Thunderfire Cannon opened fire on the Distortion Cannons again with heavier munitions and took out a crew member. The Devastarors again fired on the Wracks and left only 2 alive.

The Assault Marines fired their Bolt Pistols into the Raider and then charged it but thanks to Flicker Fields it survived on 1 Hull Point (I was surprised to learn they have 3).

Eldar Turn 2
All the reserves made it onto the board with the Crimson Hunter lining up against the Storm Talon and everything else coming onto the right flank to try and keep the flank from collapsing.

20141019_000416 20141019_004149 20141019_000411

The Grotesques got out of the Raider and lined up against the Assault Marines while the Beastmasters prepared to charge the Vindicator. The Cronos moved up to deal with the Rhino and 1 squad of Wracks did also.

The Crimson Hunter opened fire on the Storm Talon which jinxed to no avail and was punched from the sky. The Kabalites opened up on the Marines scoring an impressive amount of hits but only 2 dropped thanks to Power Armour. The Dark Lance punched the land raider…scored a hit…a penetrating hit….and shook the crew.The Guardian Jet bikes fired into the Marines and killed another few. On the Eldar left flank the Grotesques sprayed the Assault Marines with the liquifier gun and killed 4 whom they then multi charged with the Vindicator. The Beast Masters charged the Vindicator also.

The Grotesques failed to kill the Vindi but the Haemunculus just about managed to kill the Assault Marine champ with the Power Fist before he got turned to mush. The Beast Masters pets scored an impressive number of hits but the Vindicator was left with 1 HP and the Eldar assault was now in front of it in a huge blob…

The Distortion Cannons opened up the Marine Rhino and the Cronos killed a few Marines with the spirit weapons. The Cronos and the Wracks then charged…the Acothyst promptly got himself killed but the Cronos killed another Marine.

Marine Turn 3
The Land Raider stormed forwards to get the Terminators closer to Assault range The Dreadnaught moved to follow it to engage the Eldar Centre. The Tactical Marines continued their punishment of the Eldar on their left and killed a few Jet Bikes. The Vindicator saw it’s moment of glory, lined a large blast over pretty much all the Eldar Assault troops and promptly missed by a mile. Tigirius, sensing that the Vindi might need some help cast fire shield on it.

20141019_015314 20141019_015319

I can’t remember what the Devastators shot at here….I think the Grotesques? The Dreadnaught took the Dark Lance off the Kabalite Raider and the other Raider was destroyed by something….Tigirius? I can’t remember.

The Marines fighting the Cronos disengaged and fell back putting bolter fire into it.
The Thunderfire Cannon opened up on the Beast Masters and killed all but 1 of their Kymerae.

Eldar Turn 3
The Kabalite Raider moved to block the Land Raider and the jet bikes sped back to guard the objective. The Grotesques and Haemunculus lined up to take on the Vindicator while the Crimson Hunter sped round the flank to take it on from the side. The Beast Masters moved to engage the ThunderFire Cannon.


The Crimson Hunter wrecked the Vindicator…until Fire Shield gave it a 4++ save and it survived again. The Beastmasters charged the Thunderfire Cannon and Tech Marine (and we forgot the mysterious objective halved the charge range to him). The 1 Grotesque remaining and the Haemunculus charged the Vindicator and this time they wrecked it.
The Distortion Cannons fired at the Land Raider and took off a hull point leaving it on 1.
The Cronos moved up against the Marines, hit them with everything it had, did nothing and then forgot to charge. The Tech Marine shrugged off everything in close combat and started swinging into the dogs but the combat was drawn.

Marine Turn 4
Things weren’t looking great for the Marines at this stage but they could still push their objective and secure their own.


Tigirus moved up to take on the Haemunculus Ancient. The Terminators made an appearance and lit up the Eldar flank but didn’t kill as much as they’d like to. The Kabailite Raider was wrecked and the Warriors inside didn’t suffer too badly as they had FnP by this point. The Dreadnaught made full steam towards the Cronos.

Tigirus struck last against the Haemunculus who managed to bring the Ultramarine Hero down a wound leaving him on 1. The Ultramarine then punched him in the face but had no Warp Charge to use the force weapon. The Grotesque watched on.

Eldar Turn 4
The Crimson Hunter sped around the board to engae the Land Raider and the rest of the Eldar defended their objective. The Wave Serpent moved to threaten the Marine Centre and went flat out.

The Land Raider was finally wrecked and the Terminators became the target of the Distortion Cannons leaving only 2 alive. The Haemunculus Ancient was bludgened to jelly by Tigirius who now had Warp Charges and promptly used them.

Slay the Warlord – Marines
Marine Turn 5
The Marines were now fighting mostly for honour and the Terminators and Captain were too few to make a serious difference but they dropped a few more Dark Eldar.

Tigirius was now fighting Grotesques and started killing them. The Tech Marine continued his combat against the Beast Masters but neither side was able to break the other.

The Dreadnought barrelled into the Cronos and the two machines started trading punches but neither side was able to kill the other.

Eldar Turn 5
The Wave Serpend moved up to the Aegis line and deployed a full squad of Dire Avengers against the thinned out Devastators. The Dire Avengers dropped just enough of the surviving Devastators to force a morale check & they fled off the board.

The Terminators were hit with everything the Eldar had to offer and they were dropped too. The Cronos and Dreadnought continued to trade punches.

Slay the Warlord – Eldar

Marine Turn 6 & Eldar Turn 6
The rest of the game was over pretty quickly. The Cronos finally got pulped by the Dreadnaught and the Dire Avengers and Autarch moved to attack the objective. The Autarch got killed (by Tigiruis?).

Final VPs

Eldar 6 (Warlord Trait got me 1, LB, StW + 1 objective)
Marines 2 (StW + FB)

Conclusion: All in all a really enjoyable battle.  There were a few pivotal moments that stood out (D cannons failing to kill the Vindicator and the Vindicator failing with what would have been a game winning pie template).  My FnP rolls and Flickerfield saves were insanely good this game and I learnt that Thunderfire Cannons are very, very good indeed.  Looking forward to the next.


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