Astra Miliwhatsitnow Tanks

So I got me some tanks painted up for the second part of my 500pt painting challenge.  Including the last minute vehicle comms relay thing I managed 505 pts which is me in the clear.

Here’s the results.







Camo guide follows…

Here’s how I did the Camo on the Wyvern.  I’m not going to mention tracks or guns, they’re easy enough.

Step 1 – Army Green undercoat and black striping

Wyvern 1

Step 2 – Brown Ochre stripes go on next

Wyvern 2

Step 3 – Lighter green stripes on top of green and also slightly lighter ochre on top of ochre.

Wyvern 3

Step 4 – Feather out the black into the other colours

Wyvern 4

Step 5 – Feather out the ochre into the other colours

Wyvern 5

Step 6 – Where the 2 colours meet apply a lighter spot colour (in my case a lightish blue)

Wyvern 6

Step 7 – A bit of tidying up and some more feathering (not sure you can see it here though)

Wyvern 7

Step 8 – Apply ‘magic wash’ (aka Aggrax Earthshade) liberally to the entire model.

Et Voila!

Wyvern Front Wyvern Rear


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5 Responses to Astra Miliwhatsitnow Tanks

  1. Subedai says:

    Very nice. The vehicles for my Praetorians have an ochre base colour, but I’ve never been quite satisfied with them, so I might try your technique and add some green, black and, if I am feeling particularly plagiarist, even light blue.

  2. Bel'Iblis says:

    Hey, really nice work. I am wondering if you can help me with the full color scheme. what i brown ochre i’ve found are all more brownish than your yellow here. By any change do you remember what color did you used here?

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