Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!

I wish they would paint themselves me a bit of hassle.  Anyway, the next installment of the 500pt challenge is upon me and thanks to my wondeful girlfriend finding the box of models I thought I’d lost in the house move I now have my Battle Sisters ready to rock with the Guard.

These lovely ladies were previously painted and it took 24-48 hours bathing in some Mr.Muscle Power Spray to get them to this standard.

Battle Sisters 1 Seraphim

I picked up my undercoat yesterday and will be spraying them up either tonight or tomorrow.  I would like to go for a dirty white armour with orange robes style as I think that looks pretty striking and will make them stand out when they’re allied with my 2012th Guard.

The models represented above are about 725 points wysiwyg which is pretty expensive.  I’m in 2 minds as to what to do with the Seraphim Sisters Superior.  On the one hand Plasma & P.Swords are decent…on the other it’s 30pts of upgrades which means she’s going to be sniper fodder (or will kill herself when the plasma explodes).

They will be from the Order of the Bleeding Heart which is mentioned in 1 bit of fluff which I will pay homage to whilst doing my own thing with them.


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