The Order of the Bleeding Heart

So I managed to finish my additional 500pts painting challenge and have a small Sisters of Battle force ready to get varnished.  The painting is far from perfect but considering these were all a rescue operation and my can of undercoat went bad half way through the undercoat stage I don’t think they’ve come out too bad.

Divine Right

Some more pics inside…

Burning with the Holy Fire of the Midday Sun

Sisters AglowSister Rhinos

Some finished results (minus the sunshine)

Sisters Grouped Seraphim  Sister Superior

I have another 5 Seraphim to paint but the undercoat was flaking off them and I’m going to have to strip and re-do them but that’s about

Canoness (1): 100

Seraphim Squad (1): 125

Sisters of Battle Squads (3): 352

Rhinos (2): 80

Immolator (1): 60

Total: 717

So now I am keeping faith that there will be a Sisters release this year and I can get my grubby paws on plastic Repentia Engines and Exorcists and Repressors and all that good stuff.


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One Response to The Order of the Bleeding Heart

  1. Very nice work sir!

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