A sneak peak into the Mek workshop

So I bought myself one of the fantastic Grot Mega Tankz when I was in Warhammer World a few weeks ago and realised that a Mega Tank by itself is no good.  The Grotz need something else…

I wanted some of the Grot Tankz too but having blown my gaming budget out the water I decided to make my own.  Now, I’ve spend almost as much on these 3 as the Forge World ones BUT I now have a stash of plasticard, a saw, a ton of random tubes and a tub full of random lego for future konvershuns.

Here’s the work so far.  The tracks are still in the post so unfortunately these bad boys are staying with the Mek until then.


I also ordered some Ork heads wearing berets for my Blood Axe Boyz.  They know how to dress for a WAAAGH.


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