Warboss and his Nobz

Finally got these guys finished and I’m fairly happy with the result.  The splatter Cam works well when you see a group of them together and they look pretty brutal.

20150910_141140_HDR 20150910_141146_HDR

20150910_141153_HDR 20150910_141205_HDR 20150910_141220_HDR 20150910_141229_HDR 20150910_141236_HDR 20150910_141257_HDR 20150910_141311_HDR 20150910_141338_HDR 20150910_141352_HDR 20150910_141404_HDR 20150910_141420_HDR 20150910_141432_HDR 20150910_141527_HDR

Next up will be the Grot Tankz.


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