Grot-Botz ROLLOUT!

Well, they transform normal everyday looking tankz into rolling piles of scrap metal and then transform once more into billowing plumes of fire and debris the moment the enemy look at them but the Grot Tankz are pretty much done!

I still need to do a few minor touch ups (mostly the wheel spikes / skull on the wheeled Tank) and maybe do a little more Splatter Cam in places but this is 90pts of awesome.

20150914_074640 20150914_074649


This is what they looked like unpainted – Grotz Unpainted

With thanks to Mr.Gill for the Lego that was nobly sacrificed in this endeavour.

Next up – A Trukk and a Traktor Kannon.


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4 Responses to Grot-Botz ROLLOUT!

  1. Wudugast says:

    Very nice. Been thinking about some home-made grot tanks myself but so far they’ve fallen foul of the ‘too many ideas, too little time’ issue. Still these bad-boys are re-awakening that creative spark so who knows what might happen.

    • novafix says:

      They were really good fun to put together and my only regret is that I didn’t make the weapons easily interchangable as 3xBig Shootas is not that impressive. The turrets all pop off so I only really need to make 3 more and do them that way but knowing me I’ll be putting that project off for a long time!

  2. ha1ryj1m says:

    Nice work, gotta love scratch built. I’m working on some Snotling pump wagons 🙂

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