The unstoppable tide of Green!

So, more Ork stuff has been painted and some more is in the works.  I’ve also started making my Aegis (Orkis?) Defense line out of old bits of sprue while rewatching the X-Files in preparation for the new series in January.

First up is my defense line.  The sizes match up and although they take forever to cut trim and glue I think they’re looking OK

20151006_074524 20151006_074508

Some air support in the form of a Burna Bomber which has so far been underwhelming for it’s 175pts price tag but that’s probably because it didn’t turn up until turn 4 in it’s first game and was then up against Marines in its second.


Here are my first set of Ladz with the German style helmets from Kromlech.

Da Boyz!

Da Boyz!

Now a group shot of everything that’s painted so far.  WAAAGH!


And here’s a bonus shot of Skullkikka snipping the head off a pesky Necron (rumours that Skullkikka was brain melted by Tigerius in the next match are unfounded)


The Kommandos and Trakktor Kannon are next on the list and have been started but I need to wait until my girlfriend is distracted so I can take over the kitchen table again for a few days.


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2 Responses to The unstoppable tide of Green!

  1. ha1ryj1m says:

    Nice work 🙂 I’m starting my little tide…more of a tide of snot 🙂

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