Bigga, Betta, Fasta MORE DAKKA!

So the challenge leading up to Easter was meant to be to build something big. Instead of that I built 3 Grot Tankz but there was a niggling thought in the back of my head telling me that in the spirit of the challenge I should return to my Mekk Workshop and see if I could make something that fit the challenge better.

Here are the fruits of that labour.

I give you DA MEGA KAN!

Work still to do

  • More Rivets
  • Modelling putty in seams
  • Scratting up of armour plates
  • Maybe work on the CC weapon as the joint is a touch thin.

Rules wise this is the same as a Mega Dread but called a Mega Kan to go with the Grot theme my Blood Axes seem to be taking.  I really should paint up more Boyz though…

Edit – Now with more Rivets and some Kammo.




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