Da Meks Pride n’ Joy

So the Mega Kan is getting finished this weekend painting wise and realised with horror that I’d painted all my conversions and scratch builds.  This could not stand.  After my boyz failed to deal with AV14 in the form of a Land Raider they needed something that could pack a punch.  And go fast of course.  And crush stuff.  And have plenty of dakka….A young Mekk stepped up to demo his kustomizin skills to the Warboss in the form of a Mekk Junka (with a bonus easter War Chicken in the background).

I still need to find a reasonable way of attaching the Deff Roller but a trip to the local lego place for connectors and snappy together bits should rectify that.  There will also be rivets.  Lots of Rivets.

Also going to build a Supa Skorcha (which I don’t have bits identified for) and a Kustom Force Field (which I do have bits identified for).  The gunz you see here are 3xBig Shootas and the ones on the back are a Junka Shokk Attak Gun and a Super Zzaap Gun.  pew pew pew!

I know I should get more Boyz painted up but I do loves me a good konvertin’ session.  This was done while watching XFiles and Event Horizon.




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