Battle Rep: Blood Axe vs Ultramarines

I managed to get a game in at the weekend so I could actually use all this stuff I’ve been painting and assembling.  Here’s how it went.

Ork List

  • Warboss with Klaw, ‘Eavy Armour, Cybork Body and Rokkit Launcha
  • Painboy
  • 20 Boyz with 1 Big Shoota + Nob + Klaw
  • 14 Boyz with 1 Big Shoota + Nob + Klaw
  • 16 Boyz with Shootas + 2 Big Shootas+ Nob + Klaw
  • 20 Grotz with 2 RuntHerders
  • DeffDred
  • 2 Trukks
  • Mekboy Junka with KFF + DeffRolla
  • 6 Kommandos + Nob + Big Choppa +2 Burnas
  • 10 Stormboyz + Nob + Klaw
  • 4 Grot Gunz (3 Kannonz + 1 Trakktor Kannon)
  • 5 Lootas
  • 5 Burnas (1 Mek)

Ultras List

  • Cassius
  • 3 Centurions with Grav Cannons in Drop Pod
  • 2 Dreadnaughts (1 in Drop Pod)
  • Predator Annihilator
  • Thunderfire Cannon
  • 10 Assault Marines + Sarge with PFist +2 Plasma Pistols
  • Rhino
  • 10 Tactical Marines with Heavy Plasma Gun
  • 10 Tactical Marines with Melta and HPG (combat Squaded)

Turn 1

Ultras got the choice of Table Edge and won initiative too.  The Orks tried to sieze it but failed completely.  The battlefield at deployment.



Ultras T1

The Ultras dropped a Dread with an Assault Cannon and HFlamer in on their Right flank and threatened the Sluggas and Lootas while the Assault Marines moved up behind the central building opposite the Stormboyz.  The Rhino and Dread moved up and put some shots into the Junka but the Grot manning the KFF was on point and nothing happened.

The Dreadnaught and Drop Pod both let rip on the Slugga Boyz and took half of them out near enough but the prospect of getting into CC with a PKlaw meant the Orks passed their Morale check for once.

The Predator Annihilator opened fire on the only armoured target it could see and learnt that a Ramshackle Ork Trukk is not as easy to kill as it might have hoped.

The Thunderfire Cannon had a go at the Orks packed around the Junka too but a combination of Cover Saves and a Painboy meant that only 1 Ork died.

Blood Axe T1

The Blood Axes advanced as fast as they could, mostly ignoring the shooting phase in order to close some of the distance.  The Lootas tried to blow up the Drop Pod as the Deathwind Rocket Launcher could do some serious harm but they only glanced it once.  The Sluggas charged the Dread who burned some more and then face punched a few others then the Nob got to have a pop but he was too excited and only took a hull point off.

The Stormboyz realised they were in danger of being the chargees rather than the chargers so ran back a little.  They were faster than the Marines so felt confident that they could make up that distance next turn.  The Deffdred moved up to support the StormBoyz should the Assault Marines try anything tricksy.

The Kannonz got a clear shot at the other Dread and managed to glance it once also.



Ultras T2

The Marines failed to get their 2nd drop pod from reserve so had to continue without it for now.  The Dread moved up and put a Melta shot into the side of the Junka but that KFF paid for itself yet again and it shrugged it off.

The Marines in the Rhino got out and brutilized the Grotz who had had enough of that and legged it (thankful that the Squig Hound equipped Runtherder was killed).  They did not come back.

The Predator Annihilator blew the damaged trukk into junk, ramshackle or not.  Now only the Boss Trukk remained as Ork ‘armour’ on the left flank.

The Assault Marines weighed up their options and chose to sit tight as charging into the Orks meant getting close to the Warboss and his 20+ squad of Boyz and they knew they couldn’t win that.  The Thunderfire Cannon let rip again however and this time got a few more Boyz that were no longer in cover from the Junka and the shoota boyz legged it.  The PainBoy could only get to so many…

The Dreadnought punched another pair of boyz but they were channelling their inner SnakeBites and he got snake eyes on the dice (double 1 to wound FTW).  The Nob then ripped it apart but the ensuing explosion took out a few more of the ladz.

The Drop Pod next to this fight fared better and put a 3 boy hole into the Lootaz on the building next to it.  They passed their panic check somehow.

Blood Axe T2


The Kommandos failed to show up.

It was on.  The StormBoyz jumped as close as possible to the Marines, The Dread got up close too.  The Junka moved up next to the Marines that killed the Grotz and the Warboss and his ladz ran at the Dreadnaught.  The Grotz bravely fled the field to live to die another day.

Everything that could run, ran.  Then it charged.  The Dreadnaught thought it may as well charge the Assault Marines, if only to take their overwatch in place of the StormBoyz and somehow made it into CC with them thanks to an impressive 11 on the charge dice.  The Stormboyz went in too as did the Warboss into the Dreadnaught.  The ladz on the left flank hit the Drop Pod with their charge too.

After the CC phase it was looking like the fight was on.  The Drop Pod was gone, the Assault Marines reduced to 3, the Dread was gone and the Marines on the right were crisped up a treat and lost 4.

Casualties on the Ork side were pretty brutal and the Stormboyz were also reduced to 3 and they fled the fight having lost the overall combat by 1 or so.

Ultras T3

Cassius and his Centurions showed up now and decided that the Grot battery guarding Obj 5 was an inconvenience.  They slaughtered them to a Grot.

The Marines on their right flank put some Bolter fire into the Slugga Boyz and took a couple out and the remaining 3 fled.  The Assault Marines put some plasma fire into the Dread but it somehow shrugged that off and then the Predator did the same and didn’t hurt it in what was surely a miracle of Mork. The Tactical Marines and Thunderfire peppered the Warboss’s squad but they were too close to the Junka and the dubious medical skill of their Painboy and so they weathered that storm rather well.

Blood Axe T3

The Warboss had had enough of the Thunderfire Cannon and moved up to threaten it while the Kommandos came onto the board with their 2 Burnas to get the Beakies at the back.  The Junka moved into position to crisp the exposed Tac Marines and the sluggas on the right and the Shootas on the left rallied.  The Stormboyz did not and nearly made it to safety off the board, stopping a couple of inches short.

Then the shooting phase happened.  Something like 30 flamer hits overall and The Emperor Protected every single one of his Marines.  Then the shootas, sluggas, rokkit launchas etc…opened up and when the smoke cleared, every single Marine was still standing.  Oh dear.

Luckily the Orks had an Assault phase and the Warboss got into CC with the TechMarine even though he was behind cover.  That only went one way.  Snip.  Tech Marine dead.  The Dread made it into CC with the remaining 3 Assault Marines who fell back afterwards but a little too far and legged it.

Ultras T4

The Centurions slaughtered the last of the Shootas and moved up field a bit to try and bring the Warboss to heel.  The Drop pod killed a Stormboy who, like Icharus, was reaching too high and was visible over the cover I’d put him in.

The Predator Annihilator again pumped it’s Las-Cannons into the Dread and managed to take off a Hull Point.  This Deff Dread was proving to be somewhat tough to kill.

The Marines at the back had weathered the Kommandos without incident and dropped 4 of them who subsequently passed their Morale check although only the Nob and 1 Boy remained.

Blood Axe T4

The Warboss and Kommandos piled into the Marines at the back wiping them out and consilidated back towards the Centurions as far as they could go.

The Lootas fired but didn’t do anything and the remaining Slugga boyz kept their heads down.  The Deff Dread moved into cover and if it could survive one more round had a chance of a charge on the Predator…

The Junka tried to burn some more boyz but Ceramite is tough and they didn’t really get anywhere.

Ultras T5

The Centurions advanced on the Junka now that they’d wiped out everything close to them and managed to take a HP off it with a glancing hit from their Grav Kannonz.

The Predator opened up on the now in cover Dread and blew it to pieces did nothing to it.  The remaining Marines on the right flank were in trouble so they opened fire on the Warboss unit to try and thin them out…would it be enough?  No.  The Painboy was there yet again with his Skalpel and MediSquiggs to save the day.

Blood Axe T5

The Warboss and his boyz charget the Tactical Marines and butchered them in short order while the Kommandos hung back to keep line breaker.  The Junka rolled over the Rhino and crushed it into useable scrap.  The remaining 2 Stormboyz kept their heads down as they had nothing better to do.

The Dread moved out of cover and had a chance to get to the Predator which it duly took and, as the Predator hadn’t moved the turn previous, ripped it apart.


Ultras T6

Cassius saw his chance to redeem the Ultramarines and charged the Warboss and his unit with the Centurions.  He declared a challenge which was accepted by the Nob…leaving the Warboss to rampage through the T5 Centurions with his S10 AP2 Klaw fail his fear check and only kill 1 of the Centurions.  The Nob put up a pathetic fight and was clubbed to death by the Chaplain.  The combat ended a draw.

The Marine squad on their right flank with the Melta Gun showed the Predator how to do it and 1 shotted the DeffDread with ease.

Blood Axe T6

The Burna Boyz got out of their Junka and charged the Centurions with what I thought were AP2 Burnas only to discover that they were AP3.  Ah well..

Cassius offered a challenge and this time my Warboss accepted.  The Warboss again failed his fear check and his resulting WS of 1 really showed.  Cassius put 3 wounds into the already wounded WarBoss and the saving throws were thrown.  No saves from his Cybork body but the Painboy stepped in at the last minute and sewed his face back on or something leaving him on 1W.  Then the Warboss got to fight back with his S10 AP2 Klaw.  Ofcourse Cassius is T6 with a 4++ so nothing happened.

Then the game was over and Cassius was denied the Warbosses head.

Final VP Score

Blood Axe: 14    UltraMarines: 9

After thoughts.

Painboyz are AMAZING for Orks and I cannot understand why they haven’t become a staple part of my force before today.  Mekboy Junkas are also top stuff and packing them with Burna Boyz is a winning strategy HOWEVER I missunderstood the rules for how many embarked troops could fire non-snap-shottingly and so probably got a few too many flamer templates out of it (not that it mattered as all the saves were passed).

I also learnt that Deff Dreads are unstoppable.  This may be down to my opponent rolling 1s and 2s when hitting it with Las Cannons for 3 turns straight but I’m going to go with unstoppable.

The game was great fun and it was nice to get to play on my new gaming table with the FrontLine Gaming mat I picked up a couple of weeks ago.


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3 Responses to Battle Rep: Blood Axe vs Ultramarines

  1. Absolutely fantastic report! Great game – I cant wait to drop in my BA and take on the might of the Orks

  2. Great battle report. Lots of good krumpin for Da Orks!!!

    It’s also nice to see 2 armies that aren’t packed out with cheese!!

    Look forward to more reports.

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