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Junkyard Monster

My July painting challenge has been completed.  This bad boy was a joy to build and whereas the all grey paint looks a little dull it’sa Blood Axe Mekk at the end of the day. The idea behind the Grot … Continue reading

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SLA Industries – Fiction

A long time ago I used to play an RPG called SLA Industries and I played it a lot.  SLA are getting back into the business with a skirmish game called Cannibal Sector 1 and I am STOKED about it. … Continue reading

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2 &3 Wheeled Mayhem

I managed to get myself to Warhammer World recently and was made to spend money on the sweet treats they have there.namely Bikes.  And Grots too. I have to say that the resin Ork bikers are amazing and I am … Continue reading

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