2 &3 Wheeled Mayhem

I managed to get myself to Warhammer World recently and was made to spend money on the sweet treats they have there.namely Bikes.  And Grots too.

I have to say that the resin Ork bikers are amazing and I am looking forward to getting them on the field tearing beakies, pansies, robotz and umies to bits in short order.

They are so pretty…


I also realised that to run them properly they’d need a Painboy also on a bike. Then I also realised  that I could have a Big Mek on a bike…with a Shokk Attak Gun.  So I built these little guys to go with them.  I was meant to be painting my Mekboy Junka at this stage but I needed to build this.

Big Mek



Now I just need to take another 3 week holiday and do nothing but paint Orks.



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3 Responses to 2 &3 Wheeled Mayhem

  1. Nice. They’re the Forgeworld sculpts yeah? I’ve got to get me some of those one day.

    • novafix says:

      Yeah they’re the FW sculpts. You get 6xBiker sprues with them too (I got the £140 deal for 6xBikers & 1xWarboss) so you get tons of spares for converting stuff.

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