Junkyard Monster

My July painting challenge has been completed.  This bad boy was a joy to build and whereas the all grey paint looks a little dull it’sa Blood Axe Mekk at the end of the day.

The idea behind the Grot in the Force Field Generator is that the upgrade gives the model and everything around it a 5++.  So, to show that in the game, the KFF has a limited power supply and needs to be switched on exactly as the incomming fire hits.  The mekk got a Grot, nailed him to the control panel and explained that if the Grot wanted to live he needed to switch the KFF on and off exactly when under fire.  The Grot, fearing for his continued existence, does just that.  So far he’s been amazing at it too.

What’s next?  Probably a boring amount of Ork Boyz before I can get to the Bikes.



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3 Responses to Junkyard Monster

  1. Looks great mate. Very weathered and Orky!!

    • novafix says:

      Thanks 🙂 I love Orks and their ability to turn anything into a viable game model. The Junka is pretty rare from what I’ve seen too.

      • I love Orks too. I haven’t done much with my Blud Letta Clan for a while actually though. I’ve also got a German Ork army I’ve been working on for some time too. Orks are so misunderstood hehe.

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