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Da Green Tide Comes In

I managed to get all the Ork Boyz done and then went a little furher and painted up 5 Burnas, 7 Lootas, a Runtherder and finished (probably) the Mek on the Bike. Feels good to finally be able to stick … Continue reading

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Cannibal Sector 1> ^this is totally meant to be an embeded video but the infernal thing wont show   So the SLA Industries Kickstarter has smashed the initial target and is now on 4x their initial goal and that means unlocks. Lots … Continue reading

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Da Boyz are back in Town

Managed to complete this months pledge in record time thanks to more Hangout paint sessions with Gingerwerewolf. This time it was a mob of Ork ladz.  Da Yeller Kaps. I have to say painting 20 boys in 1 sitting is … Continue reading

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SLA Industries Skirmish Game

A few posts ago I mentioned an RPG called SLA Industries that I used to play back in the glory days of my Uni life.  I also mentioned that they were putting out a Skirmish game which I was frothing … Continue reading

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