Da Boyz are back in Town

Managed to complete this months pledge in record time thanks to more Hangout paint sessions with Gingerwerewolf. This time it was a mob of Ork ladz.  Da Yeller Kaps.

I have to say painting 20 boys in 1 sitting is never fun but sometimes you just have to get your head down and do it.

While I was at it I also polished off the Stormboyz that have been hanging around on my paint ‘to finish’ list for way longer than their points cost would make seem reasonable.

So what’s next? Finish this bad boy first….and then whatever that is in the background 😀

Da Terra Dread (AKA – looted Knight).  This is very much a WiP still.


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Part Man. Part Squirrel. All Pirate.
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