Battle Report – Orks vs Blood Angels

A while ago a friend of mine (Gingerwerewolf) and I decided to re-enact a battle of old.  The battle was a Blood Angel vs Orks one and it’s where the character of Tycho comes from (White Dwarf 166 I believe).

Our plan was simple.  Recreate the original armies as close as possible in 7th edition lists and then duke it out.  Would Tycho get his brain burst again or would he shove his boot down the weirdboyz throat?

Bonus VPS were to be had if….

  • Orks got +1 VP if the Weirdboy killed Tycho
  • Blood Angels got +1VP if Tycho killed the Weirdboy.

Here’s how the battle went…

Original Lists

Blood Angels



This translated to the following lists….

Blood Axe Orks.

Original List Konversions

  • Warboss with Kombi Rokkit and Cybork body
  • Mad Dok Grotsnik
  • Mek with Kustom MegaBlasta
  • Weirdboy with +1 ML
  • 5 Nobz with 3 Klawz and Eavy Armour
  • Nazguls Boyz (11 boyz, 1 Nob)
  • Deff Dredd with Kustom Mega Blasta
  • Narbogs Mob (9 boyz, 1 Nob, 1 Rokkit Launcha)
  • Morgogs Mob (19 Boyz, 1 Nob with Klaw, 1 Big Shoota, 1 Rokkit Launcha)
  • Grogs Mob (9 Boyz, 1 Nob, 1 Rokkit Launcha)
  • Grotznobs Mob – Lootas (6 Lootas 1 Mekk with Kustom Mega Blasta and Killsaw)
  • Gretchin (20 Gretchin, 2 Herders with 1 Squig Hound)
  • Ork Trukk


  • Kommandos (5 Kommandos, 1 Boss Nob, 2 Burnas, 1 Big Choppa)
  • Mekk Gunz (3 Gunz with 4 additional Grotz)
  • Ork Trukk

Blood Angel Space Marines

Original List

  • Tycho
  • Combat Squad (Heavy Flamer, Flamer)
  • Combat Squad (Heavy Flamer, Flamer)
  • Terminators (Heavy Flamer)
  • Scouts (Missile Launcher)
  • Scouts (Heavy Bolter)
  • Rhino
  • Land Speeder (Heavy Flamer, Multi Melta)
  • Devastators (4 Missile Launchers)
  • Furioso Dred with Magna Grapple


  • Librarian (with Jump Pack)
  • Sanguinary Priest
  • Assault Marines (2 Melta Guns and 1 Power Lance)

The Game

Set up was diagonal and the mission was 1 Card for each turn number (whatever that one is called).  Marines won the die roll to set up first and to go first and Orks failed to sieze the initiative.  The Orks were Blood Axes and so wanted Night Fightin’ to be all sneaky like.  They got it too.

Turn 1 – Cats

Sam the cat deep struck deep into Ork territory and set up an ambush.


He became distracted by treats shortly after this picture and left to chase a cotton bud.


Turn 1 – Blood Angels

Blood Angels took the first turn and pretty much just advanced up the board.  As it was night fighting the few frag missiles didn’t do much although one scattered and took a Hull Point off one of the Trukks on my right flank with a glancing hit.

Turn 1 – Orks

The Orks advanced a bit but didn’t really do a great deal.  The Grotz and the Dredd both shot at the Furioso with everything they had but achieved nothing whatsoever.  The Shoota Boys tried to shoot up the Assault Marines but again did nothing.

The Lootas and slugga boys let rip with everything they had at the Land Speeder that had left itself completely exposed and even though the Lootas rolled 18 dice that turn they only took off a single Hull Point and the Land Speeder was safe.

Turn 2 – Blood Angels

The Terminators arrived and plonked themselves firmly in front of my ShootaBoyz and trukk.  They opened up on the Trukk which somehow survived against the odds.

The Blood Angels jumped infront of the Dredd and simply Meltagunned it to death.  The Boys over on my left flank got shot up a bit but nothing they couldn’t handle while the Trukk and Shoota boyz near it got frag missiled to the face and it was down to 1HP and the boyz weren’t looking too good either.  The furioso Dredd was 10″ away though and that seemed ok (oh how naive I was).

The Rhino with Tycho inside moved up and flamethrowered the Sluga Boyz but only caught a few. The scouts on my right flank continued trying to kill the Trukk but only made it angry. This Trukk was taking way more shooting to kill than I expected.

The Assault Marines had now run out of things to kill as the Dredd was dead.

The Furioso Dread shot at the Shootas and then charged and OF FUCKING COURSE it made the 10″ roll.  The Shoota Boyz tried their best but their Nob had left his Klaw at home and they got ripped to shreds as you would expect.

Turn 2 – Orks

Ok, time for some payback.  The Warboss and Nobz moved up to get the Assault Marines that were now nicely exposed.  The big mob of Shoota Boyz did the same.  The Rhino with Tycho in was facing down the Lootas and more or less a  whole squad of Sluggas.  The Sluggas on the right got out of their trukk and prepared to charge the Combat Squad in front of them (they had 2 flamers but I was risking it).

My Kommandos failed to show up as they were no doubt up to shenanigans in the Marine Back Lines.

The psychic phase started with Old Bert slamming a massive green foot down on the Assault Marines.  It caught most of them but only killed 3.  Still, I had lots more to do and that was just the start.

My shooting phase was all dissapointment…here is a summary

  • 18 shots from the Lootas into the side of a Rhino – nothing.
  • 40+ assorted Shoota and Big Shoota shots into the Assault Marines – nothing
  • Half a Dozen Slugga shots into the Assault Marines – nothing
  • 10 Sluggas and 2 Big Shootas into the Combat squad – nothing
  • The Grotz were out of range
  • The Grot artillery fired – nothing

But Orkses aren’t about the Shooting Phase they are all about the Assault phase and the Assault squad was facing down the full strength Nobz squad and all the snippy Power Klawz it had.  They were only about 4″ away too.

Oh yeah the Marines failed their Leadership test and fell back…leaving them a doable 8″ away.

So if you charge a fleeing squad and it fails a Ld check it dies…this was a golden chance and as the Nobz were going to do it anyway it was a cheeky bonus.  The Marines rallied of course (it was to be expected with a Ld of 10 though I was hopeful).

The Nobz and Warboss charged.  The Marine overwatch dice were rolled.  Both Melta Guns hit.  2 Nobz dead.  The dice came down for the charge roll and they came up short (even after the re-roll of 1 dice).

The Slugga Boyz charged and took some Flamer Hits which killed 3 or 4 of them but at least they made it into Combat.  They performed dreadfully however and only killed 2.  The Marines fled the Combat (I’m not sure if Overwatch casualties apply to Combat Results now that I’m writing it) and left the Orks exposed.  Their Consolidate for winning wasn’t going to save them either.

The Slugga boyz on my left flank charged the Rhino and everyone inside got to shoot which killed a few more of them.  They of course failed to kill the Rhino but it was on 1 HP at the end of the turn.

Things were very bleak for the Orkses.

Turn 3 – Blood Angels

Now a mop up job after the Ork Turn unless fate intervened.  It did not.

The Assault Marines murdered the large Shoota Boyz Squad.

The Sluggas on my left and right were wiped out to a Boy thanks to flamers everywhere leaving my flanks guarded by Grotz and a 1HP trukk with a Big Shoota.

The Grotz got the attention of the Land Speeder and it crisped about a dozen of them to death.  They somehow passed their morale check even though the Squig Hound was now Squig Bacon.

I can’t remember what the Termies did but I think they killed one of the Trukks.

The Furioso charged the Nobz and Warboss Squad and killed a load of them and they punched it a couple of times with their Klaws but I rolled like a chump and didn’t do a thing to it.

The Warboss didn’t have a Klaw thanks to the original list and although he has +1 Strength from his Warlord Trait, this was an AV13 to the front walker so all he could do was wait to be turned into paté by it.

The Dredd was now tied up in Combat so I couldn’t shoot it in the back.

The Assault Marines charged and slaughtered the last of my large Shoota Boyz mob.  Luckily for me I’d pulled Old Bert out the turn before so maybe he could stamp on stuff next turn.

It’s worth noting here that my opponent had a squad of scouts to shoot that he ignored on purpose as he couldn’t be bothered to work out what they could or couldn’t see.  It was going that well for him at this stage.

Turn 3 – Orks

So….the Kommandos.  They saw where this battle was going and once again failed to show up with a 1 on the dice (again).

I had not much left to stop the Blood Angels and klaw back some sort of honour.  I’d killed about 6 models and was down to Grotz, 1 weirdboy, 7 Lootas and a Mekk with a badly damaged Trukk.

Old Bert drew upon his WAAAGH powerz and manifested nothing at all.  The warp is fickle…

The Lootas saw their chance and opened up on the Assault Marines.  Getting a majestic 1 for how many shots they could fire and killing nothing once again.  They were going to have to explain themselves after the battle.

The Big Shootas on the truk fired but also killed nothing and the Grotz fired Krak Missiles into the Assault Marines and I think I killed 1 Marine.  There were so many left it was hard to tell.

The Grotz moved upon the Assault Marines as a last desperate Gambit to tie them up in CC so they wouldn’t get my Lootas.

The grotz fired their Grot Blastas and scored 1 wound which was promptly saved.  They did only have 4″ to charge and of course they failed.  A few got shot up by Overwatch if I remember correctly.

The Furioso then killed everything in CC with it freeing it up for T4.  Grotsnik perished to a Dreadnaught in this game too (although in the original game he died when his own Dred fell on him)

At this stage I conceded the game.  I’d killed next to nothing.  I had nothing capable of killing anything and I had nothing left.  I’d also scored 0 Vps and hadn’t actually got a single unit casualty on my opponent.

Tycho never once got out of his Rhino.  He didn’t actually need to.

Here are some action shots from the game in no particular order.


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