Age of Slaanesh

I had a few games of Age of Slaanesh Sigmar the other week and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I took on my friends Stormcast Eternals with my Slaaneshi Daemon army and we had 2 very close games and 1 not so close game which I won (only because we played a scenario game and I had waaaay too many points on the board so the only way I could have lost is if I attacked my own troops).

The first game was us sort of getting to know what our armies did and I was surprised (but not as much as my opponent) to discover I could get into CC on Turn 1 with my Slaaneshi Seekers thanks to their Move(14″)+Run(2d6″) AND still charge(2d6″).  Most of which was 10″or more when I threw the dice.  I was also surprised to discover that the Stormcast with the hammers could murderball their way through practically anything (I think they took down 30+ Daemonettes with 0 losses in the 1st game).

I lost the 2 games that were close but they were really close.  The 2nd game came down to my opponent trying and making a 10″ charge on the last turn of the game with the aforementioned Hammer squad and mangling up my Herald who was slurping up Victory Points on an Objective.

Very much looking forward to playing another game!  I will try to bring Chariots next time and send my Keeper of Secrets back to school to teach her how to summon things properly and not get mangled off massive Drakes quite so easily.

Some highlights of what happened (in no particular order) plus an angry cat.


And where do you think you’re going human?


1st game 1st turn line up


Some Hammer guys…they’re probably not that dangerous right?


So…they were quite dangerous then…


Goodbye Slaanesh Lord


Old School Keeper of Secrets trying to get to the Stormcast boss


It’s all about to kick off


Keeper got smashed and so did the Lord, took a few of the Hammer guys out though


Second game set up – Stormcast are surrounded


2nd game T1….things look bleak for Sigmar…


3rd game about halfway through, there used to be a lot more Daemons on the board…


3rd Game Halfway through


The herald that’s going to win me this game


There used to be 2 squads of Daemonettes and a Slaanesh Lord here…


Some archer guys making the most of the range


1st game Some Daemonettes speedbumbping the Stormcast


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