Da Ladz of Tiger Skwad

Last year I was painting up a unit of Tank Busters for one of the painting challenges and towards the end of the month one of our cats, Tiger, took ill suddenly and died.  I didn’t manage to finish them and they’ve been on my shelf since then.

They were pretty close to being finished and only needed a few touch ups but it was rougher than I thought it would be to get them down and pick up where I left off without a Tiger running all over the table.

So, here they are finished at last (except for a few touch ups on the bases), Da Ladz of Tiger Skwad.


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Part Man. Part Squirrel. All Pirate.
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One Response to Da Ladz of Tiger Skwad

  1. Aww mate that’s sad. I like that his name has lived on though.

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