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One Careless Owner. High Milage. Probably not insured.

So I’ve been pretty prolific this month and smashed out a Rhino I got from a friend a fewyears ago.  This particular Rhino conversion dates back to 2nd edition when my friend actually made it so it’s been ~ 15 … Continue reading

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Best. Name. Ever.

I totally forgot to post this lovely lady (I presume, it’s Slaaneshi so anything goes) that I painted up as my Slaanesh Lord. I was inspired by two things.  Firstly just how amazingly 80s her hair is and secondly by … Continue reading

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They came….FROM THE 80’s!

So I finally got around to stripping, pinning, gluing, green-stuffing and painting my original Slaanesh Fiends.  I’m rather pleased with how they turned out even if they have been somewhat underwhelming on the board.  Still, it’s 300pts added to my … Continue reading

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