Da Hovva Bovva Boyz

A short while ago I got involved in a kickstarter for some Jetbike style minis. It was pretty cheap and I thought why not. After a customary wait they finally arrived and I will be integrating them into my Bloodaxes as my Ork Bikers. Kind of outcast bikers as a) they’re using nicked imperial (probably) hover tech and b) the Nob in charge allows Grotz in his squad (they’re the only ones that know how to refuel the engines and reload the gunz). They hire themselves out to anyone that wants stuff that goes really quick and lets off a ton of dakka in the direction of the enemy.

I give you Kaptin Dungbreff and his Hovva Bovva Boyz.


About novafix

Part Man. Part Squirrel. All Pirate.
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