Da Hovva Ladz is up an About!

So I knuckled down and got this months pledge knocked out super early.  I was NOT a fan of these models when they first arrived as the resin stank and it was pretty brittle.  However, after a bath in soapy water and a good cleanup session watching the XFiles I put them together and they started to grow on me.

On Sunday I sat down for a skype paint session with Gingerwerewolf and got cracking on them.  And yesterday I got the buggers finished.  I still need to sort the bases out but I don’t own the ones I need right now so these flight bases will have to suffice for now.

This means the rest of the month is mine to paint what I want and I will probably get mty Keeper of Secrets worked on now that I’ve cleared a little of my Orks.  Or maybe I’ll finish off the rest of the Mad Boyz Mob….



About novafix

Part Man. Part Squirrel. All Pirate.
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