Faster Ork Kill Kill Kill

So my Ork Warboss on a bike has been sat next to me at my desk for over 12 months demanding to know why he hasn’t been painted.  I had no excuse to offer other than he was quite a large model and I didn’t have the time.  All pathetic excuses I know.

So when this months survivor series challenge rolled around I pledged to get him done.

I am pleased to introduce Buzzgrippa Da White Lightnin’

His 6 Nobz on warbikes may have to wait as I need to smash out some more Flesh Tearers next month.



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2 Responses to Faster Ork Kill Kill Kill

  1. He looks great and I’m sure he’s pleased to have some colour

    • novafix says:

      Thanks, he was intimidating to paint as he’s such a focal point for any bike mob. I’m glad he’s up and running now.

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