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Bringing the WAAAGH!

So this months painting challenge was, again, a modest one thanks to Christmas coming along and getting all up in my grill so I only pledged the 1 model (albeit a konversion).  Here he is to lead the ladz into … Continue reading

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Flesh Tearer Top Brass

I did a little more on my brothers Flesh Tearer army recently for part of the painting challenge I’m in.  This time I focussed on the Captain and the Librarian from those original Terminators.  These are rescues from 20+ years … Continue reading

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Yule Cat

Yule Cat by Johannes ur Kotlum You all know the Yule Cat And that Cat was huge indeed. People didn’t know where he came from Or where he went. He opened his glaring eyes wide, The two of them glowing … Continue reading

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