Go Big or Go Home.

So for this months challenge I decided to get something BIG painted.  I lack anything seriously big and stompy with loads of Dakka so I got my Gorkanaut out and decided to get him table ready.

I really enjoyed painting this fella and although I was tempted to Blood Axe camo the bejeezus out of him I went with my Mechanicus Grey scheme that fit the Grot Mega Tank pretty nicely.  Of course, being Orks it also has some bright paint on it to let you know who you’re up against so you bring your best ladz to the scrap.

The only annoying thing about painting this guy was my lack of sunlight hours here.  At one point I was more or less guessing where the paint was going as my kitchen light is pathetic but I had no available sunlight painting hours.



Next month will be something smaller as I have every available weekend (and therefore daylight hours) booked up already….


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