The Grotz are back with new toyz

I love Grot Tankz.  They are one of my favourite models and it is odd that I don’t own the GW ones given that I like them so much.  This hasn’t stopped me from making my own though (Grot Tankz in the house! & Grot-Botz ROLLOUT!) and for this months painting challenge I cleared off another 3 that have been sat on my shelf demanding that they get a lick o’ paint.

These are a cobbled together collection of parts from plenty of sources and the two turrets are magnetized so I can swap them out for rokkitz or something if the Big Shootaz don’t cut the mustard.


More below!


Oddly Sam the Cat did not join me while painting these and so they are relatively cat hair free 😀


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2 Responses to The Grotz are back with new toyz

  1. Spevna says:

    Looking good!
    I’m so tempted to do some Grot Tanks, but the unpainted pile is stupidly big right now.

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