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Even Dice Need Nice Homes

A while ago a good friend of mine decided to take up woodworking as a job.  I heard about this and asked him if he would be willing to make me a new Dice Box as my current one looked … Continue reading

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Battle Report – Orks vs Blood Angels

A while ago a friend of mine (Gingerwerewolf) and I decided to re-enact a battle of old.  The battle was a Blood Angel vs Orks one and it’s where the character of Tycho comes from (White Dwarf 166 I believe). … Continue reading

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Cannibal Sector 1> ^this is totally meant to be an embeded video but the infernal thing wont show   So the SLA Industries Kickstarter has smashed the initial target and is now on 4x their initial goal and that means unlocks. Lots … Continue reading

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Super Dungeon Explore – Von Drakk Manor

So my early birthday arrived from my other half.  She  was very kind and permitted me to open it early (primarily so we could play it at the weekend).  The present was… Having played tons of vanilla SPExplore and a … Continue reading

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