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SLA Industries – Fiction

A long time ago I used to play an RPG called SLA Industries and I played it a lot.  SLA are getting back into the business with a skirmish game called Cannibal Sector 1 and I am STOKED about it. … Continue reading

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All After Incinerators!

The follow up bit of fiction to the To4Gs.  This is set as the battle ends and is from the pov of the Imperial Guard. ***************************************************************************************** All After Incinerators! Explosions and screams resounded all around the sky shield landing pad … Continue reading

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To4G – Spyral Prime

So the final battle from our 4 player tale of 4 gamers style event is in the bag.  A mighty 3k per side clash between Tyranids and a combined Imperial force of Catachan Imperial Guard, Space Wolf and Crimson Fist … Continue reading

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