Da Hovva Bovva Boyz

A short while ago I got involved in a kickstarter for some Jetbike style minis. It was pretty cheap and I thought why not. After a customary wait they finally arrived and I will be integrating them into my Bloodaxes as my Ork Bikers. Kind of outcast bikers as a) they’re using nicked imperial (probably) hover tech and b) the Nob in charge allows Grotz in his squad (they’re the only ones that know how to refuel the engines and reload the gunz). They hire themselves out to anyone that wants stuff that goes really quick and lets off a ton of dakka in the direction of the enemy.

I give you Kaptin Dungbreff and his Hovva Bovva Boyz.

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One Careless Owner. High Milage. Probably not insured.

So I’ve been pretty prolific this month and smashed out a Rhino I got from a friend a fewyears ago.  This particular Rhino conversion dates back to 2nd edition when my friend actually made it so it’s been ~ 15 years under-coated before I finally got around to painting it.  This is a disgrace actually as painting this Trukk after undercoat was about 2h…

Next up….another one!

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Best. Name. Ever.

I totally forgot to post this lovely lady (I presume, it’s Slaaneshi so anything goes) that I painted up as my Slaanesh Lord.

I was inspired by two things.  Firstly just how amazingly 80s her hair is and secondly by her Combat Card from the 80s.

I give you Gerda Von Evilstein.


So far she has managed to get killed by a pack of Skellies for no kills herself but she was just getting to know the game and will come out firing on all cylinders in her next match.


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They came….FROM THE 80’s!

So I finally got around to stripping, pinning, gluing, green-stuffing and painting my original Slaanesh Fiends.  I’m rather pleased with how they turned out even if they have been somewhat underwhelming on the board.  Still, it’s 300pts added to my Age of Sigmar list and I’ve met my monthly painting challenge once again \m/

There’s a Slaanesh Sorcerer that I did at the same time but his trousers have all gone wrong so he needs a little more work before I can show him off.

Next month…maybe a Keeper of Secrets…maybe some Orks…

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Keep on Trukkin

The best thing about Orks is the BROADSWORD sheer amount of resources you have at your disposal to make almost anything you want.  Recently I’ve been a bit tired but when it comes to building things for my Greenskins…jag orkar!

So it was with great delight that I took a peek into my bits box and found an old school smashed up Rhino Chassis.  After a little rummage I decided that I would make it into a Trukk.  The XFiles got slapped on the telly and here we are.

Behold the work of a sleepy Mekk!

It’s not quite finished but I thought I’d throw this up here as a WiP shot.

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Da Ladz of Tiger Skwad

Last year I was painting up a unit of Tank Busters for one of the painting challenges and towards the end of the month one of our cats, Tiger, took ill suddenly and died.  I didn’t manage to finish them and they’ve been on my shelf since then.

They were pretty close to being finished and only needed a few touch ups but it was rougher than I thought it would be to get them down and pick up where I left off without a Tiger running all over the table.

So, here they are finished at last (except for a few touch ups on the bases), Da Ladz of Tiger Skwad.

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The Scourge slither into orbit

So I decided that this weekend I would knock out an entire fleet of Scourge ships for DropFleet Commander.  I wanted to go with a paint scheme that I wasn’t familiar with painting and I wanted them done quick.

I had a look at the general theme for Scourge and they have a shimmery colourful look with lots of purple and green so with that as my inspiration I knocked these out.

Sam the Cat helped throughout and was integral to the ‘get cat hairs on everything as it’s drying’ stage of the operation.

All in all I’m reasonably happy with the result and they are deffo tabletop ready but next time I do shading (this was my first ever real attempt with this technique) I’ll take more time and try to make everything a little smoother.

The next fleet I’ll do will be the UCM I think as they should be quick and easy to get on the table.

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