Go Big or Go Home.

So for this months challenge I decided to get something BIG painted.  I lack anything seriously big and stompy with loads of Dakka so I got my Gorkanaut out and decided to get him table ready.

I really enjoyed painting this fella and although I was tempted to Blood Axe camo the bejeezus out of him I went with my Mechanicus Grey scheme that fit the Grot Mega Tank pretty nicely.  Of course, being Orks it also has some bright paint on it to let you know who you’re up against so you bring your best ladz to the scrap.

The only annoying thing about painting this guy was my lack of sunlight hours here.  At one point I was more or less guessing where the paint was going as my kitchen light is pathetic but I had no available sunlight painting hours.


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Bringing the WAAAGH!

So this months painting challenge was, again, a modest one thanks to Christmas coming along and getting all up in my grill so I only pledged the 1 model (albeit a konversion).  Here he is to lead the ladz into the fray and krump some skulls.

What kind of banner would Blood Axes follow? A. Giant. Axe. is what they will follow.

Also, SamTheCat left me alone to paint it this month which was unusual…I suspect he is planning something.

Next month I feel the call of a Gorkanaught….we shall see!

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Flesh Tearer Top Brass

I did a little more on my brothers Flesh Tearer army recently for part of the painting challenge I’m in.  This time I focussed on the Captain and the Librarian from those original Terminators.  These are rescues from 20+ years ago and I think, all in all, they didn’t turn out too badly.

Once again, tabletop standard achieved and the force now stands at 7 Termies, 10 Assault Marines, 6 Scouts and a Rhino.  Plenty more to do however the call of the greenskins is strong and so I will get my WAAAGH standard bearer up and running next.

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Yule Cat

Yule Cat by Johannes ur Kotlum

You all know the Yule Cat
And that Cat was huge indeed.
People didn’t know where he came from
Or where he went.

He opened his glaring eyes wide,
The two of them glowing bright.
It took a really brave man
To look straight into them.

His whiskers, sharp as bristles,
His back arched up high.
And the claws of his hairy paws
Were a terrible sight.


He gave a wave of his strong tail,
He jumped and he clawed and he hissed.
Sometimes up in the valley,
Sometimes down by the shore.

He roamed at large, hungry and evil
In the freezing Yule snow.
In every home
People shuddered at his name.

If one heard a pitiful “meow”
Something evil would happen soon.
Everybody knew he hunted men
But didn’t care for mice.

He picked on the very poor
That no new garments got
For Yule – who toiled
And lived in dire need.
From them he took in one fell swoop
Their whole Yule dinner
Always eating it himself
If he possibly could.

Hence it was that the women
At their spinning wheels sat
Spinning a colorful thread
For a frock or a little sock.

Because you mustn’t let the Cat
Get hold of the little children.
They had to get something new to wear
From the grownups each year.

And when the lights came on, on Yule Eve
And the Cat peered in,
The little children stood rosy and proud
All dressed up in their new clothes.

Some had gotten an apron
And some had gotten shoes
Or something that was needed
– That was all it took.

For all who got something new to wear
Stayed out of that pussy-cat’s grasp
He then gave an awful hiss
But went on his way.

Whether he still exists I do not know.
But his visit would be in vain
If next time everybody
Got something new to wear.

Now you might be thinking of helping
Where help is needed most.
Perhaps you’ll find some children
That have nothing at all.

Perhaps searching for those
That live in a lightless world
Will give you a happy day
And a Merry, Merry Yule

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To Rescue a Chapter

So my brother gave me his entire marine collection about 15 years ago as he was never going to play again.  They arrived in various states of smashed to hell and back and were painted (by me in my long lost yoof) with more enthusiasm than say, talent or the actual colour scheme of the chapter they were meant to be.

A year or so ago my brother expresses an interest in getting back into 40k and so I went to the box of pitiful looking Flesh Tearers and I decided they were a Chapter in need of rescuing.

And so, armed with a few litres of dettol, a score of toothbrushes and no idea of the scale of the undertaking I set to restore them to tabletop standard.

Here are the first finished Marines.

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Faster Ork Kill Kill Kill

So my Ork Warboss on a bike has been sat next to me at my desk for over 12 months demanding to know why he hasn’t been painted.  I had no excuse to offer other than he was quite a large model and I didn’t have the time.  All pathetic excuses I know.

So when this months survivor series challenge rolled around I pledged to get him done.

I am pleased to introduce Buzzgrippa Da White Lightnin’

His 6 Nobz on warbikes may have to wait as I need to smash out some more Flesh Tearers next month.


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Dok knows best

So, my last post had a victim patient of my Painboy ‘Riptoof’ and here is the Ork himself.  I struggled with the paint scheme for this guy for ages and it only really came together for me in the last hour or so of painting.  I am quite happy with the result however.


and here is some more crappy fan fiction for him.

***Warning! Fan Fiction Below!***

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