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They came….FROM THE 80’s!

So I finally got around to stripping, pinning, gluing, green-stuffing and painting my original Slaanesh Fiends.  I’m rather pleased with how they turned out even if they have been somewhat underwhelming on the board.  Still, it’s 300pts added to my … Continue reading

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Age of Slaanesh

I had a few games of Age of Slaanesh Sigmar the other week and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I took on my friends Stormcast Eternals with my Slaaneshi Daemon army and we had 2 very close … Continue reading

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Sneak and Build

So this month I had to paint up Snikkrot and a Mek.  I wasn’t feeling the mojo while painting these so I left it right until the deadline to get them done.  I’m kinda happy with them but I realise … Continue reading

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Battle Report – Orks vs Blood Angels

A while ago a friend of mine (Gingerwerewolf) and I decided to re-enact a battle of old.  The battle was a Blood Angel vs Orks one and it’s where the character of Tycho comes from (White Dwarf 166 I believe). … Continue reading

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Da WAAAGH affects some Boyz more than others…

I picked up a load of fancy Ork heads to make a rather special unit.  Madboyz!  I’ve always loved these Orks and wanted a unit of my own.  So the other day I assembled them and will get cracking on … Continue reading

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